Another call from the president.

lily316(z5PA)November 13, 2012

This is getting to be a habit. Husband answered the phone two weeks ago to a woman saying 'stay on for the president'. Tonight at our little celebratory party, our local leader told us to check our emails.The president is calling us tomorrow evening at 8:30. Now I know this is just a conference call with him live and us not able to talk to him, but it's still exciting, and is an example of how he connects and inspires his workers. He's not running for office again , but he still takes the time.

Maybe Mitt Romney does too, but I doubt it.

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Give a shout out from me! ;)

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To me, this President is the only one in recent history that I think CAN actually connect with a larger majority of the citizenry... on many different levels.

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I'm jealous - I haven't gotten any calls, just emails! Rats!

Do you guys think that all the muslim, kenya, birther nonsense will come to an end now since there is no longer any reason to try to smear Obama since he can no longer run for reelection?

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What fun!

Don't forget to say "hi" from us.

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Way cool about the call. I truly believe this man cares a great deal about people and is humbled by their support and hard work on his behalf.

JZ , it will never go away nor will the university transcripts nonsense. It is almost beyond comprehension the deep loathing and distrust some have for the President simply because he is "different". That type of prejudice and bigotry is so ingrained in the psyche that it simply can't "go away".

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And give him a 'thumbs up!' from the rest of the planet too.

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A congratulations from his Forum Friends.

We'd love to have him join us now and then.

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Well, he called and it was exciting. The Chicago liaison called the WH and the operator answered and said this just you and me connected? He said yes , and thousands of our supporters. Then she connected the President. The President was very grateful for us, he said. He said this was the greatest ground game ever in this country's history. He said he would be sending out a detailed questionnaire in a few days for us to fill out, and then he said he wants to get out of Washington more often and visit some of the volunteers on his trips. He called us "you guys" the whole 15 minutes, and told us he loved us and was so appreciative.

Before he came on the phone, the guy who initiated this told the number of registered voters, door to doors and phone calls and it was staggering. Now if we can just do this in PA in two years.

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Even though there were "thousands" of you on the phone I believe he was sincere in his words. Especially after seeing his talk to his campaign office in Chicago.

The cynics and detractors will have a different perspective but I truly believe he is a man who cares about the regular folk, the middle class. History will treat him well even if the present doesn't

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