Outrage! Returning stuff after the storm that one

tobr24u(z6 RI)November 2, 2012

didn't use. While returning a few items to Wally-World yesterday a man in front of me was returning a Coleman stove and lamp. He walked away with a satisfied smirk on his face as I looked on in disgust. Surely you find this as despicable as I, and why not just be prepared for the next storm? I think that we can all agree on this matter...

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Don't worry, Tobr... karma has a nifty way of catching up. Next time, the guy will need that Coleman stove or lamp, and there won't be one available within a 100 mile radius... or something...

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tobr24u(z6 RI)

Yes, that's why I only returned some flashlights and candles which are always plentiful...

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Sounds kind of cheap. I was thinking there likely are folks who could barely afford to buy this stuff in the first place, but in this case, the smirk says no.

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yess that is despicable,,,that man is certainly in the wrong...you , however are perfectly justafied.

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The merchandise wasn't used and the man had his receipt, thus the return was permitted by the store. It's not unusual to return an unused item that's not needed. Maybe he was smirking because he didn't need to wait in the return line for 45 minutes.

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Foolish man. You never know when you're going to need a Coleman stove.

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I missed the point. Why can't he return something he didn't use?

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I don't get it either, maybe he needed the money back worse than another possible use for these items.

If they were in proper condition for a return, I don't understand.

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I would agree, except, that maybe he needed the money more for now. I've been there! I've taken back unworn, tags on them, baby clothes when we needed formula more. Such is life.

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No problem here either, assuming it was unused , packaged as when bought and he had the receipt. Returning unused merchandise is a store policy.

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I mentioned in another thread that one of my uncles had to change return policies when he owned a hardware store since many customers would return generators, chain saws, sump pumps, lanterns, snowblowers and other emergency supplies post-storm after didn't need them.

They were renting them for free at the expense of manufacturers, suppliers, resellers and other customers.

Many people would also return items which were obviously used, or damaged due to user neglect/abuse, then claim they didn't use them, or didn't damage them.

Many stores still have liberal return policies, so many customers abuse the living $hit out of them.

Need some cash or goods? Feeling buyer's remorse? Just return what you've bought or used for cash, or store credit.

One of our customers needed a winch, 4 come-alongs and several logging chains for for a job Post-Irene, so he bought them at Tractor Supply, then returned them for refund with no questions asked. He's done the same thing with many other tools and equipment as well.

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As others have said, as long as it was unused, what's the problem? Even if he didn't need the money, if the store policy is it can be returned and he didn't use it, why can't he return it? Isn't he be fiscally responsible and not spending money on something he doesn't need?

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We have customers, tenants and relatives that work for Walmart's Return Center in the industrial park. Much of the stuff they process has been used/abused/neglected and/or customers claim something was wrong with it, so it can't be returned to stock.

Many stores will give customers cash refunds although something is used, or give them store credit without a receipt, or after XX amount of days.

We have a relative that returned 4 boat seats and 4 pedestal bases to Walmart for store credit in September after using them for the boating season.

They've returned so much stuff in their name without a receipt, or after time limits expire that they're flagged for abuse, so they have others return stuff for them.

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jannie(z7 LI NY)

For Christmas this year, I'll be giving everyone emergency supplies-flashlights,etc. I have no problem with someone returning an item as long as it wasn't used.

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He was definitely well within his rights to return the item but here's the problem. In emergencies like this sometimes it is very difficult to locate an important item that you might need. His buying the Coleman possibly prevented another family from buying it and that family may actually have needed it!

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The problem is returns cost stores a small fortune which is passed onto the customer in the form higher costs and employees in the form of lower wages, fewer benefits, fewer full-time jobs and many other costs to customers, suppliers, manufacturers and employees that aren't transparent.

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I see no problem with this either.

It is widely known that Wal-Mart has a very lenient return policy. When I was in college, I knew a guy who didn't buy shoes for 3 years. Once he was sick of a pair, he would just return them to Wal-mart and exchange them for a new pair. Many people think that Wal-Mart is stupid for doing this, however, in order to return something, people have to go in the store, and once they're there, chances are they'll buy something else. Rule #1 in retail is to get the customer in the door.

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Yes, liberal return policies are good for business, plus they help kill off many of the smaller competitors that can't absorb the losses.

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I totally disagree with the practice of returning used items just because you don't like them anymore. That is just wrong. The stores really should not allow that to happen.

I recently returned something to Target that I'd forgotten about (was in bag in my trunk with tags still on it). It was past the time limit but they gave me store credit. They did ask to see my license. I asked why because they'd never asked that before when returning. They said if you return things past return limit you can get store credit but you can only do it a certain number of times in a time period (something like 3 in 3 months, or something like that). Not an issue for me. I'd just forgotten about that one in my trunk.

I do not see how you can fault someone for buying something they might need during a storm and if they end up not needing it returning it because it might have caused someone else to not be able to find the item. It's not like they intentionally bought up all the coleman stoves they could find so nobody else could have them and then returned it after the storm! They bought it to feed themselves and family if needed. Not needed, so returned. What is the big deal?

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