Concierge Medicine

october17(5chgo)November 13, 2013

This sounds pretty interesting. Like a membership to a doctor.

I especially like the part that AHCA includes a clause for members that allows them to buy catastrophic policies only.

Anyone ever hear of these? If the doctor is fairly decent, it would be pretty good. Until you need a surgeon or a specialst. Have to look into this.

Here is a link that might be useful: yahoo story

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I like this idea. It's creative.

It would be nice if you could buy a true catastrophic plan off of the exchanges, but you can't. Here, the catastrophic plan is only slightly less than the bronze plan. Not a terribly good deal.

If you buy a concierge plan into a fairly complete practice, you don't need the "free" physicals and flu shots and the like provided by an exchange-type of catastrophic plan. Of course, all of that "free" stuff costs money and causes the exchange plans to cost more.

Provide an option that eliminates the goodies and you could save on the publicly-offered catastrophic plan on the exchanges.

Plus, it might keep all of those middle-class, insured people out of the ERs - a group that is the largest user of ER services and growing. If you're paying a concierge fee into a medical practice, you're not going to the ER when you get a headache and paying the full price.

Yes, I've heard of these. A few years back my daughter had one of these plans to cover visits to her doctor's group, along with common tests, x-rays, etc., for $109 per month. It was a good deal and it paid for itself when she had mono that involved her spleen and liver. She had blood tests, ultrasounds, steroids. It was all included in the premium for the medical practice.

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Oh yes, quite familiar.

I don't go to a doctor enough to even do it, and I have to pay $5,500 per year before insurance picks up anything, but I would if needed.

My internist in another state went to concierge medicine, and I know three doctors that have recently done it, one in Kentucky, and he says his practice is thriving while others are not.

It looks like there will be a disparity in health care anyway, despite the Democrats' attempts to bring down the level of health care for everyone to up that of just a few.

We'll be taking out of the country vacations to see our doctors soon, I project.

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3 Doctors in my small town are converting to concierge or cash only the first of the year. They will no longer deal with the insurance companies.

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I guess if a doctor will not accept any insurance, it is concierge.

Too bad we are now forced to buy insurance, this could've been a good deal.

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Don't be alarmed, this bama care baloney is almost toast.

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Posted by fancifowl 5Pa (My Page) on
Wed, Nov 13, 13 at 21:49

Don't be alarmed, this bama care baloney is almost toast.


Yep, it's all done but the scraping!

Marmalade and MSNBC can't save this!

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rosie(Deep South, USA 7A/B)

October 17, the individual mandate tax for not buying insurance is currently not collectible if the taxpayer doesn't help out by deducting too much in a tax year. The IRS is currently enjoined from making any attempt to collect if people choose not to pay. They can't attach liens to be collected some day, nothing. If a taxpayer is owed a refund, though, the tax can be subtracted from the money already in hand. Easily enough fixed for those who want; since we don't pay ourselves taxes on the monies the IRS refunds, overpaying's a bad deal anyway.

Some critics of the healthcare law are probably still unaware of this; but in all likelihood most are choosing to pretend they are, helping people make informed decisions not exactly being their goal.

Perhaps in a few years when people are generally comfortable and wondering what all the fuss was about, or maybe just choosing to forget, collection will be activated. But for now, people can avoid paying the $600 tax if they choose to remain uninsured.

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Thank you rosie. I did wonder about that. I usually end up paying a little bit so I was hoping to get out of paying the fine.

I'll be seeing my doc soon, wish he'd go concierge. Hate to lose him.

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