Co-ed bathrooms! In Canada universities

tobr24u(z6 RI)November 29, 2011

have now broached this final frontier on gender equality. These facilities include stalls, urinals and showers. Methinks that separate but equal should be the policy, but surely you may express a differing opinion...

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You've got to get out more often. Coed bathrooms have been in place at some US universities for a number of yearsnow.

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tobr24u(z6 RI)

Really? I will do a survey of friends and relatives to see if they have experienced such intimate arrangements...

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Oberlin, Swarthmore...

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tobr24u(z6 RI)

The article about Canadian co-ed bathrooms appeared in Maclean's for 11/7 led with the title "Dick and Jane go Potty." This certainly got my attention. The article found mixed feelings on the desirability of this arrangement. But what is your opinion?

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My daughter started University 7 years ago and the bathrooms were all coed back then. Mind you the "facilities were all stalls, nothing was open.

Meredith hated it , said the boys never cleaned up behind themselves and the place was a terrible mess. Judging by the state of her bathroom at home I could only imagine how bad it must have been!!!

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"Meredith hated it , said the boys never cleaned up behind themselves and the place was a terrible mess."

I'd like to see how the boys and girls each would vote if this were put to a vote.

I can't imagine that any woman in her right mind would choose to share a bathroom with men if they had a choice.


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Then again, I don't have to wait in line for 15 minutes to use my bathroom and it doesn't smell like a chemical dump with all the hairspray and perfumes.

I vote for separate but equal.


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Truth be told, women are much filthier when it comes to public restrooms. Having traveled cross-country for several years, enduring countless public restrooms, I can attest to the fact that women are worse than men when it comes to how clean they are willing to leave a public bathroom... home facilities do not count.

I see nothing wrong with coed facilities as long as stalls are provided. It's not like we spend a lot of time in public restrooms... we go in, do our business, and exit.

It's my feeling that a lot of people are hung up on older, more stringent traditions... and while there's nothing wrong with that, and we're all entitled to feel the way we do... I keep an open mind to a lot of things that break with tradition.

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My comments were meant humorously......

The above comment came from the same girl who, having moved from the dorm into her own place, said " Mom, you would not believe how expensive groceries are!" LOL

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Lena M

Mmmm, my dormitory was co-ed by pillow in the '70s.

Those halcyon college days ;-)

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Having cleaned public bathrooms in my time I would disagree about who is worse to clean up after. While the maintenance men I knew complained about women being messier the mess is mainly paper-paper towel and tp while men pee on everything and there is nothing like having to pick cigarette butts out of a urinal that have been peed on-a thing of the past I hope. It is apparently a rare man who cleans his sink after shaving.
Well this was Phyllis Schafaly's personal nightmare-women having to share a bathroom with men-she said that would be the results of equal rights....what next-combat?

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been around for years...

barry white dance ally mcbeal

Here is a link that might be useful: Ally McBeal and The Unisex Bathroom

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On a percentage basis, from the public restrooms of California to Washington DC, from the Dakotas to the Gulf States, I'd still have to go with women as messier... there's nothing like walking into a stall and having to look at the remnants and accoutrements of the female cycle, if you get my meaning... not to mention a very noticed female inability to flush after defecating... what that's all about, I have no idea.

I don't know... maybe I'm just lucky that way... and not all of them were truck stop bathrooms, either. We're talking about all public outlets, from restaurants to gas stations, rest areas to public buildings, etc...

If all you've witnessed are crumpled paper towels and some toilet paper, Patriciae, count yourself very fortunate! :-)

That's not to say that men are the epitome of cleanliness... my husband has walked out of a few men's rooms, and made me keep watch while he used the lady's, instead... and I've been forced to view the interior of a few men's rooms in my day, having no other choice due to locked doors or toilets that were out of order, etc... but my experience tells me that based on national percentages, women are messier when it comes to public restrooms.

Coed bathrooms don't bother me... as long as the stalls have doors for a little privacy.

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Thankfully, I have to say I have not experienced what you have Jodi to any significant level....and we have traveled a lot on road trips both in Canada and in the US.

Not saying I haven't walked out of a bathroom, just saying not that often. Mind you I'm pretty particular where I choose...local gas station...NOPE. Most restaurants that I would choose to eat in are OK. In a pinch McDonalds is the default!

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At Oberlin, students vote each term or year whether they want the bathrooms to be co-ed. Our friend's son graduated from there 2 yrs ago and his dorm was co-ed his entire 4 yrs.

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I cleaned buildings and offices to make extra cash while in college. I even cleaned the dorm bathrooms some summers as part of my financial aid. That being said, boys are dirtier but girls are messier. Boys leave urine and fecal matter. Girls leave tissues and makeup powder. That's my observation cleaning public toilets in CT.
Also, both sexes have slobs and both have neat freaks. Kind of hard to lump any sex into one category. People vary.

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Having worked in the restaurant business for a few years long ago, I concur with Jodik - women are pigs, BUT men are swine *LOL*

I was recently in a little local ethnic restaurant which had a single bathroom - it was exceptionally clean and there was only one commode and sink so the idea was "one at a time" with a lock on the door. That, I have no problem with.

There really isn't anything wrong with a coed bathroom I suppose, but having grown up "bathroom - segregated" I far, far prefer for things to remain that way.

I am uncomfortable with men and women showering in the same room even if complete privacy for each is afforded.

Look at what is happening, rape wise, in our military. Look at what is happening date rape wise in our universities.

I think that there is a need for segregation of the sexes en masse in showering areas - we aren't evolved enough for it to really work well. Or, our culture doesn't yet conform to the idea. It would be nice if it did and it's a nice idea that it could but I don't believe that it's the workable reality of these times.

HOwever I admit that I might be way off base, I didn't think that co-ed dorms would work and from everything I have heard from the last 15 or so years, there doesn't appear to be any real problem with it.

I wonder if, for a year, segregated dorms were brought back as an experiment for former co-ed students in dorm living to try, what the students would end up prefering. It would be an interesting experiment.

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bill_vincent(Central Maine)

Meredith hated it , said the boys never cleaned up behind themselves and the place was a terrible mess. Judging by the state of her bathroom at home I could only imagine how bad it must have been!!!

I was lookin in on this thread pretty much on a lark, but this statement, I take HUGE exception with. I've done alot of work in open operating commercial bathrooms, and BY FAR, women are PIGS when it comes to the bathrooms they use!! Trash all over the place, including but not limited to used tampons and pads, urine smell coming from sinks and trash recepticals, in one memorable case (at a surgical supply manufacturing company) unrine PUDDLES on the floor. I mean downright GROSS!

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My daughter graduated from college about 6 years ago. Unlike many college students, she lived in a dorm all four years. First year, women only dorm; second year and third year, segregation of sexes by floor; fourth year, men and women on the same floor but separate bathrooms. She said she would not live in a dorm where the bathrooms were shared. Some of her concerns were men looking over or under the partitions between stalls or showers. So unless the shower stalls and toilet stalls have floor to ceiling walls and doors and the doors must have substantial locks on the inside, I'd be totally against it. Even with those features that are lacking in all the bathrooms I've ever seen in a dorm, I have serious concerns.

I have to agree with Mylab - too much opportunity for sexual harassment in a coed bathroom in a college dorm.

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tobr24u(z6 RI)

Sexual harassment? You really have to be desperate to offend in that environment...

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I can think of a dozen or more situations where a student could claim sexual harassment in a shared bathroom situation especially if there are coed shower arrangements. Young adults with hormones raging + naked bodies in the adjoining stall = timebomb waiting to blow up.

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Co-ed bathrooms have been around for a while - but in many universities only one or two dorms will actually be completely co-ed.

When one of my older girls' was looking for a college, some of her friends were recommending one university with the caveat that it was safer to wear a whistle around your neck to go to the bathroom during the night, and preferable not to use the bathrooms at all in the middle of the day when no one was around.


Some social experiments are just stupid, imo. Single sex bathrooms might be viewed as old-fashioned, but I expect my kid will have sex in her dorm room - not get raped in the bathroom. :(

I think some campus officials attempt to be so open minded that all their brains have fallen out.

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I think it might have been helpful if our culture hadn't held the male figure up as dominant and held the female figure down as a second class citizen not worthy of voting, and then held her up as a Barbie-like sexual object. In the case of the military, I think the way rape and sexual harassment is handled reeks of a leadership that still wants nothing to do with females, and is still of the opinion that a woman's place is in the home.

I just can't help feeling that a lot of the problems within our society, as they pertain to the idea of co-ed, are due to repression, oppression, and suppression in the raising of youth.

How are parents treating each other as their children grow up? What are young males taught about how to treat females? And what is our culture showing us through media? That women are to be exploited, treated as sexual objects... and what kind of power and self worth are we giving our female youth?

I think a regressive portion of our society is drowning in ancient tradition that hasn't evolved... hasn't been allowed to evolve.

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Men and women share bathrooms at home, and the one at at time rule is usually the deal. But bathrooms are used for far more than one's "business". Clothes are changed, skirts, hose, pants adjusted, hair arranged and even washed, etc. The guys don't want to be around women's sanitary products; the gals don't want to be around urinals.......ever.

it's a funny thing - do we create a situation for learning how to be to treat each other as equals and get along in the same space, or do we reluctantly acknowledge that there needs to be one place in the world that a guy/gal can't come in? And yes,, it could be more dangerous than one might think, like walking in a park at night, you just don't know who is hanging out waiting for someone to pass by.
OTOH, I've often used the men's cause the line was shorter!

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