Ron Paul's farewell speech to Congress

marshallz10(z9-10 CA)November 15, 2012

Ron Paul is retiring from the House of Representatives. He gave a 45-minute farewell speech, linked below, laying out the dangers of current governmental and economic trends, as he identifies them. There is a lot of wisdom in what he said to go along with kookiness about fiat money and other off-the-wall libertarian ideas. Watch or read his farewell speech.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ron Paul's farewell address to Congress

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No admonishment to beware faux libertarians!

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When he gets to his bullet points in "Dependency on Government Largesse" and "questions" he scores.

But leading up to that, IMHO, it's a bit of an incoherent slog.

Ron Paul - when he's right, he's very right. When he's wrong, he's very, very wrong.

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It is certainly a strange mixture. I wonder when was that time of prosperity for all that he talks about-when was that? What is with the weird obsession with gold-some one needs to tell this guy gold has no more inherent value than chicken droppings-both are useful in their way....How does 'freedom' breed prosperity? Prosperity for whom? Without rules you end up with bird droppings in your peanut butter, TB in your Raw milk, high rise buildings pancake during earthquakes and employers dont even have to pay you to work for them. When you have the freedoms as designed by our founders men get to OWN people and wives and children dont even own the clothes on their backs. Yeah freedom.

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