More Fiscal Irresponsibility

labrea_gwNovember 14, 2012

Talk about throwing good money after bad. Talk a bout a bad example of excess in a world that's struggling!

Talk about mismanagement of funds!


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That money went into the economy (or at least a lot of it). Think of all pizza it bought.

Times must be tough for a lot of small businesses in the swing states, now that the election is over.

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Tongue was deep in jowl on that!
It was from The Daily Beast

Here is a link that might be useful: ah well

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Wouldn't it be refreshing to see political campaign ads that tout the qualifications and true platforms, the hopes and desires for the job of the candidate?

Yet again... it would be great if we could remove money from our election process, shorten the whole thing, and make it about who is more qualified to hold the position.

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marshallz10(z9-10 CA)

Not on your life! Priming the economy with all those service jobs and entertainment media orgies. ahem, media specials.

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david52 Zone 6

I'd be curious how much Karl Rove, head of the Crossroads GPS Super Pac, spent on himself and 'expenses'.

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A very short piece in USNews answered that very question - the truth of which could probably be debated.

Crossroads spokesman Jonathan Collegio explained that Rove doesn't get paid for his work from either American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS group.

"As is reported on all federal disclosure forms, and has been repeatedly reported in the media through official statements, Karl Rove receives no compensation whatsoever from either American Crossroads, Crossroads GPS or any of its vendors," Collegio wrote in an email. "In fact, Mr. Rove pays all of his own personal expenses associated with the groups."

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marquest(z5 PA)

I was happy to see money could not buy a win.

Money can't buy you love or a vote was proved.

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david52 Zone 6

Crossroads GPS flooded the airwaves here with ads, and I was getting two-three mailers a day from them for months.

I don't know if its entirely true, but Donald Trump tweeted that in every state and every congressional race where Crossroads GPS spent money, Obama or the democrat congressional candidate won.

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Rove re-distributed alot of wealth there.

Still didn't buy them the Presidency. Good.

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What troubles me about letting rest the idea that "money could not buy a win" ... it'll be spun as harmless and it'll be the base argument for leaving Citizens United in place. Corporations, issue advocacy groups, etc. can continue to spend unlimited amounts of money on independent political expenditures in support or in opposition to a candidate.

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marquest(z5 PA)

What troubles me about letting rest the idea that "money could not buy a win" ...

I agree, I should not have said those words. The down ballot from what I am reading it does hurt. Also, I do not agree that corporation are people. They can out spend us and buy the vote where it matters most and that is our local state politicians.

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The end of Colbert on how to transfer the money from the Super Pac to a C4

It's the secret money so what we want to do then is have you transfer the money from your Super PAC over to your 501c4, and what we'll do is what the tax lawyers call an "agency letter," which simply means you write a letter that tells the [501]c4 exactly what to do with the money. And if you do that, the IRS doesn't consider it to have been the [501]c4s money and it doesn't end up on the tax return.
COLBERT: It goes from my Super PAC into my 501c4?
POTTER: Right. Now since everyone knows the name of your c4, we thought it would be better if we created a whole new, anonymous c4 so that the first one transfers the money to the second one, and the second one, which you will also run, then disperses it. That way we're sure nobody can trace it.
COLBERT: So, I write a check from my Super PAC, to my 501c4, to my second, secret 501c4, and because I sent a letter along the way that said here's what I want you two guys to do with it, neither I nor me nor me is responsible for what happens with the money?

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