Another Dumps on the Romney Dog Pile

labrea_gwNovember 16, 2012

Liberty Counsel the people who turn the word liberty into trash have joined the Romeny Dog pile.

"Romney was like the unwanted suitor at our high school prom. We danced because we didn't want to turn him down and make a scene. Our reluctance was warranted, because as we danced, he talked about his economic plan. Like one of those dolls we had as kids: 'Hello, my name is Chatty Cathy!' Just pull the string to hear the same lines over and over. Ask Romney about anything and he would say, 'Hello, I know how to run a business.' Many of us would have voted for the Grinch if he was the Republican nominee. Other women felt themselves caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, but they were unwilling to give up their current unhealthy relationship for an uncertain voyage. We believed Romney cared about the economy -- but it was not clear if he cared about anything else that we care about. He lost us at 'hello.'"

Can you believe this crew!

Here is a link that might be useful: Liberty

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marquest(z5 PA)

Yes as I said they have a big problem other than message. The policies have to show they stand behind the message.

Pro-life cannot mean....You have the baby and pull yourself up by your bootstraps don't look at us to help you with the mistake you made. Our job is done. We made you have that mouth to feed now figure out how to feed it without our help. It is our money not your money.

Health Care NO....Those insurance companies have been fair and have offered insurance to everybody at a fair price. They never raised their rates you are just greedy and getting sick and having sick children. It is our money not your money. Go away.

It is just crazy.

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I hit the 'Like' button on Marquest;)

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Nah it can't be because these people knew what a piece of (work) he was from the get go.
It's HISPANICS thats it Hispanics & URBAN VOTERS oh & women oh & the Blacks oh *& the gays!

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What I really don't understand are those people who don't agree with anything that the republican party is doing but they still proclaim to love the party.

Yesterday, Meghan McCain wrote an article about this and last night on Bill Maher, Anna Navarro of CNN was waxing nostalgic for the republican party that used to be.

What is a party but a collection of ideas that it represents. There is nothing intrinsically great about ANY party - it's what the party does and says that is what people should focus on.

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The author really lost me at "further sickening our communities by viewing Internet porn". What does that have to do with anything? It's normally done in the privacy of one's own home. Men AND women view pornography, so this is not just a "failing of Christian men in family values", and it's certainly not a political issue.

She's the one who seems clueless about what women want... unless they think exactly like her.

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Joe, I love how so many of your threads on issues that are real and important, or actually deserve a modicum of discussion are passed over, sinking down the page in favor of talking about seasonal food items... that a portion of our nation's population only wish they were going to place on the table at some point...

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Maybe Jodik because some of us crave some normality (food/family/friends) in our lives when we are subjected to so much angst on a daily basis.

Many threads sink to the bottom of the page, it depends on who responds to what we post. I have had a couple that slid away quickly recently from lack of response, it happens.

Plus it seems to me the threads that get the most responses are those where there are personal back and forth, not so much discussing the topic.

And there is my 1/2 penny :)

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marshallz10(z9-10 CA)

Jodi, you absconded with my keyboard comments along the same lines. However, let's not begrudge our HT-ers' love of holiday traditions. Rather, let's try to help the needy in our communities by donating cash and goods to agencies filling the pantries of the poor and needy. Our local food bank has had an unprecedented volume of requests for food for the holidays. I was at a meeting last week at the local warehouse and was amazed at how empty the bins and shelves were.

All politicians use catch phrases and words found to work with focus groups to manipulate their bases and undecideds. Romney's efforts were just so blatant and excruciating false that even part of the base was upset. If he had won, such talk would be much muted. Let's just hope that politicians will take to heart the adverse effects of such blatant BS.

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That is true Marshall ... imagine how many shelves could have been filled nationwide with the 2 billion dollars spent by our respective parties on the recent election ?

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marquest(z5 PA)

I am convinced, that all the money spent for the election was a great stimulus plan.

All the talk that Romney was collecting more money did not succeed if you have a candidate and a party that speaks to less than the majority money does not serve up the results desired.

I would like to see the money taken out of the election but it was a needed money effusion for the time.

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david52 Zone 6

Yeabut the campaigns co-opting all that television advertisement time probably cut into the profits of the fast-food joints, used car salespeople, and pharmaceutical companies targeting old people, who need to barrage the population with their incessant ads to make any money.

"Push it!! Pull it!!! Drag it in!!!! Lousy Credit? NO PROBLEM!!!"

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marshallz10(z9-10 CA)

David is closer to the mark: there is limited stimulus since little of value addedd appears in the plus column. There are some temp jobs, some redistribution of money from rich donors to rich communications companies, and redistribution from the middle class upwards into the pockets of those owning the machinery of politicking.

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Don't we have Conversations side for recipes and flotsam, though? I thought we did...

And it's not just Joe's threads that are passed over... so don't feel left out. There are a lot of threads that sink like stones.

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marshallz10(z9-10 CA)

Most of mine do but I don't much care about most of them. One of the disadvantages of not being cliquish is not having the automatic support of like-spirited people (minded: I left that off so as not to offend the folks who are threatened.)

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nancy_in_venice_ca Sunset 24 z10

Mommy, Marshall is threatening me again!

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marquest(z5 PA)

David is closer to the mark: there is limited stimulus since little of value addedd appears in the plus column.

I will bring this back to you when the next jobs report comes out. It should be lower with the holiday hiring. We will see. We were what 7.9 or 7.8?

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marshallz10(z9-10 CA)

marquest, the problem is that the next jobs already came out, reflecting the effects of Sandy and not the run up of employment affected by the election. Or at least there is not hue and cry about stimulus.

Nancy, my dear, you have a mind and can apply its use in multiple languages.

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Lindsay Graham also got a few licks in along with Newt Gingrich
"We�re in a big hole, we�re not getting out of it by comments like that. When you�re in a hole, stop digging. He keeps digging," he said on NBC�s "Meet the Press." "We�re in a death spiral with Hispanic voters because of our rhetoric on immigration, and our candidate Romney and the primaries dug the hole deeper."

Newt said it was "Nuts"

"I mean, first of all, it�s insulting. � The job of a political leader in part is to understand the people. If we can�t offer a better future that is believable to more people, we�re not going to win."
Gee poor guy an't even b;lame his loss on anyone without these "loyal" piranha's piling on!

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So do mine, Marshallz... unless they really prick a nerve... which is why I seldom begin any. If I'm read into a subject, I'm happy to participate, though... even in some small way. ;-)

But there are lots and lots of subjects that don't have to do with politics, and that are controversial, that we could tackle.

I guess I just find it odd that such a blazing inferno suddenly has a plethora of hoses turned on it, in an effort to... what, exactly... extinguish the flames, thus watering down the remains?

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I don't mind the 'not hot topics' subject matters that crop up from time to time. As long as they don't become the actual norm, which they never have as far as I have noticed, I think they can serve a positive purpose within the active forum members because it can put a pause on a negative atmosphere that easily builds to boiling point in the forum.

I agree Jodi, there really are a lot of topics that could be discussed that are not really political in nature and they would probably also serve as positive a purpose within the active forum members as do the holiday decor etc. threads. But yes, since I've been a member some of the best threads have fallen like a stone, with maybe six replies and then to be ignored, usually from Joe, Marshall or David.

As far as women and Romney or Ryan goes (mentioned within the subject of the op), I will never understand the numbers of votes they actually did manage to get. Not all of the female voters for the R&R team were 50+ years of age.
I can understand some of the very young women who were raised by the 50+ women, the years of still being in college or perhaps fresh out of it and starting out their lives - they still might think that mommy and daddy are right and knows best, not realizing that the world that their parents grew up and married in is not the world that she will be dealing with in her life.
I was stunned at the women in this forum - most by far in the 50+ age range, who furiously stated that oh yes Ann Romney did too work as hard supporting her husband and raising her children and creating a home as did every other American woman.

When, since she did not also, along with all that, work at a salaried position that took up easily 9+ hours out of her day. The threads became stupid imo, in the defense of the 'working Ann' idea. Ann lives in a world that few do and the republican party might work out just fine for her but it is a disaster for the rest of the female population who do not enjoy the position she married into. If he had hid all his money and walked out on her and the kids, Ann would have found precious little support or help from the party she so cheered. And despite her great education, she would have had a terrible time finding a job to support herself and her kids because she walked away from the job force for so long that her value in it was reduced to practically nothing. She was job replaced by an equally educated woman years and years ago.

Women have to grow up with the attitude and assumption of self-sufficiency and the constant ability to be able to support themselves and their children on their own - that is a fact of life for women, they are their own prince charming who saves themselves - and must be raised that way.
I cannot find where the republican party does anything or stand for anything in a way that would aid or elevate women in this need to be able to do so.

So, how did they manage to get the votes from women that they did get - from Romney and *Ryan* (Ryan??) for pete's sake?
While grateful for the numbers of voting women who turned away from the team and the party, I'm not understanding the reasons why there was even a reasonable amount of women who did vote for them, after all.

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marshallz10(z9-10 CA)

Dems: demons and devils and deadbeats, donchaknow?

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There must be a holiday grinch in there somewhere, no? ;-)

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

The Romney dog pile is on top of his car.

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