Sad Story

labrea_gwNovember 19, 2012

No digs on this crew it's just a sad story of some folks who got lost looking for something believing a charismatic leader new where it was

International House of Prayer said

"Knowing what we know now, we deeply regret our failure to discern the nature of Deaton's alleged secretive, perverse, cultic practices."

"Tyler Deaton was acknowledged as a division coordinator for a home fellowship group in a recent IHOP hand-out, but was later removed. The Kansas City Star corroborated these claims. Now, WDAF Fox 4 and the Kansas City Star report that IHOP is distancing itself further from Tyler Deaton and his group. According to news sources, IHOP insists that the listing of Tyler Deaton as an IHOP friendship group division coordinator was an error made by a volunteer, and that Deaton was never a coordinator."

I just watched CNN's Jonestown Documentary the other night & I find it hard to wrap my head around all the elements involved with stuff like this!

(Can we not make this a bash a thon)

Here is a link that might be useful: Madness & Murder

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marquest(z5 PA)

I watched CNN's Jonestown Documentary this weekend also for the 5th time. I keep trying to understand how so many people could be fooled.

I am not offended we have so many people that are easily taken in be it religion or Fox and Friends there will always be people looking for something good or bad. It depends where the persons mind and what they are searching for in life and what will make them happy.

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I got to where they assaulted her over months and I can't read any more. This awful in the name of anything. Cults are the worst. I guess I just don't understand, truly understand, how cult leaders gain their foothold. I think it could never happen to me. But it must happen to someone. I'm so sorry for his young wife. He should've protected her.

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I've read a few blogs that IHOP International House of Prayers is a cult (not in the good sense)
I really don't know much about them otherwise

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Is there a good sense of cult?


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Well I wasn't going to read the link, but I changed my mind. A couple of things stood out to me, including what he wrote in his yearbook.

"Be intolerant," read his quote attached to the portrait, "because some things are just stupid."

Obviously another who did not "get the message".

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This is incredibly sad... I'm very convinced that a lot of what passes for religion in this world is wrong, and dangerous... so I'm going to stay out of this one.

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This stuff is just the mere tip of the iceberg with these groups. The formula: pushy, agressive, cocky religious nuts stirred with a sprinkling of sheeple/lemmings.

You hear it all the time. Religious tolerance. Do I sound cynical or what?


Here is a link that might be useful: Another IHOP story

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Ohiomom, that stood out to me, as well... it's an odd thing to write at that time in a young person's life.

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