Huckabee--latest troublemaker?

dublinbay z6 (KS)November 15, 2012

Just received a robo-call from Huckabee--lot of vague, alarming statements and repeated "we must repeal"--finally got to what we must repeal: healthcare.

Turns out it was actually a fund-raising call. I got so irritated that I slammed down the receiver so I don't have the exact figures, but the basic argument was that he wants to raise enough money to pay for a live/interactive show on Fox News on which all of America can vent its hatred of Obama's healthcare.

Just thought you'd like to know that the rightwing is obviously planning on raising an outraged stink from every quarter they can think of--Benghazi, Petraus, Susan Rice, "Obamacare"--The rightwing is doing all it can to encourage T-Party outrage at anything connected with Obama.

At the very least, I think these organized mass temper tantrums at losing the election count as a prime example of "poor losers," don't you?


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Yes. I wish they would all just go away, but they seem to be increasing in furor and numbers.

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He needs to go join his buddy Bryan Fischer & end just shut the ef up!

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I am so weary of them but I do think they are going to burn themselves out. They are totally irrelevant (mostly) men who have watched their power slip away and now they are lashing out. They are not taking their minority status very well. They look silly and are silly and I think the American people have their number and aren't buying their qwap.

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Hey, fund raising is now a far right wing niche - here we have a new come-on....

snip " Conservatives have an urban problem, and some in the party have been sweating it for years. They don't take urbanites - especially black urbanites - seriously enough to win their votes. They view those votes as impediments to be overcome by ballots from soccer moms and angry coal miners. In Oshkosh, Wisc., a few months before the vote, I saw a charticle in a Republican campaign office that listed the poorest cities in America and the last time that they'd elected GOP mayors. It was grim, but not as grim as the illustration that accompanied it: Barack Obama waving in front of a burning "Mad Max" landscape. When you're this dismissive of a voting bloc, you can't understand why it evades you.

You're also going to get targeted or fleeced by bogus fraud stories. In Florida, Rep. Allen West has refused to concede after one county re-counted three days of early votes and found a considerable error on West's behalf. The West campaign immediately cried fraud. "What originally looked like dangerous incompetence," said West's campaign manager, "is looking more and more like a willful attempt to steal an election." A conservative watchdog alleged that voter turnout in the county, which broke against West, was 150 percent. Fundraising letters went out, capitalizing on the outrage. Only later did the watchdog admit that the county, sort of stupidly, counted each page of a ballot as a "vote." Turnout was only around 75 percent.

Yesterday, as I checked into the flimsy "fraud" stories, I got an email from This is one of the more hard-to-classify groups that take the name of the taxpayer movement. I haven't seen it in action in elections or local government, but I've seen it sponsor tables at conferences. Now, it was promising - without really saying how - that it would get to the bottom of the 59 Precinct Theory.

"Stand with us as we work to demand a full recount of ALL votes for the 2012 election," read the letter. "In this fight, we are up against a well funded progressive, far left machine funded by the likes of George Soros. Any amount that you can contribute, whether $5 or $500 or anything above or in between, will assist us in the fight for the integrity of elections in this country!"

For a certain type of donor, giving money to that cause will make more sense than wandering into Cleveland or Philly and asking a few actual black voters why they like Barack Obama.

Here is a link that might be useful: a fool and his money...

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The phone rang about ten minutes ago.

I picked him and heard, "Hi, this is Mike Huckabee" and immediately hit disconnet.

He should go away.

He's not anywhere near as smart as he thinks he is.

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Good for you, demi. Glad we can at least agree on this.

: )


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I think it's great!

Shows they haven't learned anything.

They and their party should continue to self destruct so that a new, better, more tolerant party can take its place.

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I echo Jill. Love it. Keep it up. Very slow learners they are.

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I caught Huckabee on the Daily Show the other night and was schocked that he has gained so much weight back.

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Marigene(E/Ctrl Kansas)

I think this will backfire in their faces, once again. The GOP just can't accept the fact they are about to become has-beens if they don't shut up and get into the 21st century.

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I caught Huckabee on the Daily Show the other night and was shocked that he has gained so much weight back.

Bummer. Thats a 'pre-condition' for health insurance. But thanks to Obamacare, he'll still be able to get coverage, in spite of his brutal support of the concept of insurance companies rejecting citizens with pre-conditions.

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