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lily316(z5PA)November 1, 2012

Today the ex president of Penn State was charged with a coverup of the child abuse and rape going on by Sandusky

Even better news, Sandusky, who was in prison five miles from me, has been moved far away from State College to the SW corner of PA where he'll be sequestered alone in a cell and fed there as well. No roommate, and all visitors will not be able to touch him. And Jerry loves touching. So sad....(Sarcasm)..Another guy came forward and said that Jerry raped him when J was 23 and this guy was 11. So he's been at it for four plus decades.

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No doubt that Jerry wouldn't like the kind of "touching" they're trying to protect him from. He'd be killed the second they put him with the other inmates...

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" Sandusky, who was in prison five miles from me"

Sandusky was in prison around 12 miles from me. I had to quit reading about this case some time ago. Read the headline that he was moved, didn't read the article.

So proud of our local reporter who so thoroughly pursued this story.

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I agree. Sara Ganin won a Pulitzer Prize for this. Wonderful job for a young 26 year old.

BTW, I'm talking about the second prison where he was "evaluated" and was here about a week or less. I agree, he can never be let among other inmates. Child rapists are the scum of the earth, far below murderers in the prison system. Justice at last for the kids.

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Wonder what he'll look like with all his front teeth knocked out?

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

More irrational hating does not address what to do about pedophiles, a new crop of which is produced with every generation.

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I agree with Bboy and in addition cant and wont celebrate the feral justice of our sick criminal justice system. It ought to be an evil day in your world when prisoners have the ability to kill, maim and/or assault other prisoners.

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marquest(z5 PA)

I only wish that they did not give him a TV, radio. I think he should paper, pencils and books only. What he did to those young boys and the fact that he is saying they asked for what they got makes me sick.

He is not sorry for anything he has done to them.

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Although with a criminal justice background and being a hardliner, I have to agree with bboy and patricae on this one.

I hope the man stays in jail the rest of his life, but I would take no glee in terrible things happening to him.

I probably wouldn't lose any sleep over it, but to be sadistic and joyful and taunting about someone else suffering--that's not in my character.

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If you lived in PA and have heard these horrific stories night after night for way over a year, then you'd maybe wish ol Jerry got a taste of his own medicine. He ruined countless boys lives and resulted in a university that will takes years to recover. He was a jovial guy everyone liked, but he was in reality an evil monster. What he did to those countless boys would bring tears to your eyes.

So if ol Jer dropped the soap in the shower, maybe he'd know what horror those little 10 year old boys endured when he raped them repeatedly. I hate him. Just to think his clueless wife(or was she?) will never be able to even touch him again . I agree he should not have a TV. Let him sit by himself and contemplate what misery he caused. But he's in denial.

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I just write what comes to mind, and it rarely has a sanctimonious feel to it. Usually, I think about my own kids, and now my grandkids, and how fortunate they're not victims of our sick society.

But a comment hardly causes karma... that, my friends, is earned.

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Sounds like Sandusky drew the gentleman-jail card.

That said. Sandusky is but the tip of the iceberg. There is an entire network, and with the latest case coming out it spans 4 odd decades. This is only possible in a certain environment.

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