ronalawn82(z9FL)November 24, 2012

What Would Mitt Do? If he were President; and could intervene or intercede in the stand-off between Hostess Brands and the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers Union.

As President he would feel obliged to save the thousand and something jobs.

As a businessman (vulture capitalist?), he would be sorely tempted to "let Hostess fail!"

In the spirit of the current season, Mr. Romney should give thanks that he has been spared that decision.

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marshallz10(z9-10 CA)

False dichotomy

Besides, my prayers of 50 years have been answered.

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"False dichotomy"

I think so. Why would it have to be "either/or"? In other words, "let Hostess fail" or "save the thousand and something jobs"?

Is it really up to the president to do anything about this private corporation--ANY president?

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marshallz10(z9-10 CA)

tThey are all good capitalists at their core, some a bit more empathetic than others. Only Republicans nationalize companies (Reagan and the airline unions on behalf of the companies.)

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He wouldn't do anything, but he'd support doing what he wanted to do with the auto companies -- take them through a managed bankruptcy where they could shed the deadweight of union pensions and benefits and then rise as a phoenix from the ashes of those socialist workers' lives with a new Indonesian child labor force. Do it the Bain way!

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Exactly, globalism. Roll the top one hundredth of a percent a joint.

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marshallz10(z9-10 CA)

No thanks, pat.

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