Well, they were warned

david52 Zone 6December 24, 2012

"Seven people have died in Homs after they inhaled a poisonous gas sprayed by government forces in a rebel-held neighbourhood, activists said.

Activists also told Al Jazeera that scores of others were affected in al-Bayyada neighbourhood. Side effects reported include nausea, relaxed muscles, blurred vision, and breathing difficulties.

Residents said they did not know the nature of the gas sprayed.

"The situation is very difficult. We do not have enough facemasks. We don't know what this gas is but medics are saying it's something similar to Sarin gas," Raji Rahmet Rabbou, an activist in Homs, told Al Jazeera."

Here is a link that might be useful: link

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tobr24u(z6 RI)

Peace on earth, has there ever been any?

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(Caps for emphasis)

But, we've seen recently on this forum pictures from that area that were faked, just to create an image for the rest of the world.

Given that Obama, I THINK, has said words to the effect that he would not tolerate the Syrian government using gas, I can well imagine that the Rebels might be thinking,....


Google News doesn't seem to have any reports of it other than "from the Rebels". The Israelis...hmmmmm.... also seem to be playing it up.

I just saw this lead in to an article when I searched Google News.

"Business Insider - âÂÂ3 hours agoâÂÂ
Now it's clear even the American public considers it unacceptable: a Washington Post poll out last week states 63 percent of Americans support military involvement against Syria if chemical weapons are used. All of which makes the most recent reports out of Homs even more concerning. While there is no official confirmation The Times of Israel reports at least six rebels are reported dead and 60 injured after opposition forces say "poison gas bombs" were dropped on the rebel held town of Homs."

It's funny how some things have stuck in my brain from the wee years of my life.

When I was very, very young, I can remember a half hour TV show, the plot of which is a bunch of men gathered around a poker table on a Saturday night which evolves into a plot to kill a local good guy and make it look like the bad guys had done it in order to rally the community against the bad guys. They were going on about how, if Christ had not been crucified, then he might very well have been a forgotten part of history.....

Remember Iraq and the "Weapons of Mass Destruction"?



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tobr24u(z6 RI)

Relax, sit in front of the fire and fantasize about it...

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Meanwhile, from Iran's News

"The terrorists used chemical weapons against the Syrian army forces in Darya district of Reef Damascus today.

"The terrorists have already thrown three cube-shaped plastic bags towards the (Syrian) army's forces that killed seven forces due to the gases emerging from the bags," a commander of the Syrian Presidential Guard told the Iran-based Arab-language Al-Alam news channel on Sunday."

I suspect we'll know the full story right after we get Benghazi figured out. Right after we find the WMD in Iraq...



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marshallz10(z9-10 CA)

What kind of chemical is kept in plastic cubes? Bleach in two bags and ammonia in another? Freeing the chlorine in the bleach? Such hi-tech delivery system too!

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david52 Zone 6

Looking around this morning, it looks like everybody is accusing everybody else.

Truth is the first causality.

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nancy_in_venice_ca Sunset 24 z10

Truth is the first causality

Beware of false flag ops for both Syria and Iran.

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when will you all learn in a war there no rules beside killing. be that killing civilians that happen in wrong place at time or the enemy. Syria is civil war of attrition it well end when one other other side is all dead or one side gains back total control of the country.
You can mourn the tragedy but it will end when the killing ends and one side has lost.
Either side cares nothing about the loss of life of other.
But that is how real wars are fought no compassion just death. yes I am cold about it but both sides are as viscous as they come.

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Campanula UK Z8

'but both sides are as viscous as they come.'

a bit thick, then?

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marshallz10(z9-10 CA)

you betcha

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