Democrats now support Bush tax cuts

cornopeanDecember 26, 2012

and then I read this...

"Democrats seeking a deal to avert the year-end âÂÂfiscal cliffâ are trying to etch into stone the signature economic achievement of Republican President George W. Bush by permanently extending tax cuts enacted during his tenure."

Here is a link that might be useful: Democrats support Bush tax cuts

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Democratic leaders were never in favor of a non-progressive tax. Of course this is academic because we had a surplus then and the economy was robust. Things are exactly the opposite now.
There goes your analogy out the window along with the ideological bubble you live in.

Bush had no signature "achievement," unless you think that creating a deficit out of a surplus is an achievement.

Having said that, ignoring hijacking warnings and allowing the biggest attack on our homeland in history to occur is part of his failed and disastrous residency in the White House. So are his series of lies about WMD to invade Iraq. The way he blew up the economic bubble and then bailed out the banks and Wall street when it burst will also be enshrined in the history books. His signature economic plan was to "go shopping" after 9/11 , to privatize Social Security, and to give government backed, no down payment loans to minority home buyers.

Democratic voters do not support any of that and we do not support the continuation of tax cuts on the upper 2% while we make draconian cuts in programs that benefit the poor and the unemployed. Speak for your reactionary tbagger crowd, not for the rest of us.

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marshallz10(z9-10 CA)

You forgot to include the concluding paragraph, corn:

""The reason there�s been this movement toward broad consensus on renewing the tax cut for working- and middle-class families is that will give us a sharper progressivity in the tax system that is very much desired by Democrats and progressives who�ve seen an income distribution more and more distorted toward the wealthy," said Betsey Stevenson, former chief economist in Obama�s Labor Department and a professor at the University of Michigan, who added that taxes may have to rise even more than currently contemplated to meet the country�s needs."

Don't think that is what you had in mind for the upper echelons of tax payers.

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