Right to Work in Michigan

cornopeanDecember 8, 2012

Three cheers for my state getting set to become a right-to-work state! http://www.deseretnews.com/article/765617345/Unions-plotting-strategy-in-right-to-work-battle.html

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Well that's discouraging. More employees getting beaten down by their employers.

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Ha ha ha! Just as Joe predicted...

RE: McConnell Republican Wast of Time

Posted by labrea 7NYC (My Page) on Fri, Dec 7, 12 at 23:35

I'm waiting for this one to start a Michigan anti union post.
IP address had who ever it is right at a city hall in Michigan!
Can't say where because we are discouraged from doing that by the forum.!

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susanilz5(z5 IL)

I remember Joe's prediction; I was waiting for this and am not surprised. But if you live in Michigan it�s all over the radio and in all the papers why would you post a link to a Salt Lake City, Utah paper?

Good call labrea.

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Why is it anti union? Why should the union receive money from workers who choose not to belong to a union? Sounds like thugism to me.

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If you live in Michigan and don't want right to work, you might be kicking yourself for your vote on Proposal 2 in last Month's election. Voters soundly rejected Prop 2, thus setting themselves up for this Right to Work legislation. Unions tried valiantly to defeat it and failed miserable.

Just like in the national elections, the voter's voice was heard and the union voice was defeated. Be careful what you wish for...you just might get it.

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I'm wondering when the religion hits I'm almost certain it's coming am I correct? Lets wait & see!

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Too predictable...

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Maybe we will get a break today it's sunday

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