Mystic Mermaid

GrowHappy(z7 MD)November 18, 2011

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so nice to see that you have so many types of AVs to grow. Only recently I managed to grow AVs successfully flower many times using a 20W table lamp. I also managed to propagate successfully.

My country temperature is 86F so AVs cannot last long so have to grow them in air-conditioning room ie office. Funny it can survive without air-con for 3 days during weekend and public holidays.

I am envious of you all since 2003 that you all can grow so nice and I can't grow here. Have killed more than 30 pots since 2003 and now I manage to get hold of the techniques. I am very happy that I can grow too. A lot of people gave up buying AVs cos they cant grow. You will notice why I put the subject in Malaysia so that they will not give up growing AVs.

Now with my seat in office is near the window, I will definitely buy a few more pots.

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Well, that cinches it for me. I was gonna get one on Lyndon's and now there's no question.

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Just make sure you dont have tinted windows or you will not get the benefit of the natural light.
And ggod luck !

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I am just starting out in AV's but this is the one Russian variety that I ordered leaves from at Lyon's out of the 18 varieties that I ordered.

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Is there more than one Mystic Mermaid? I bought this one the other day. It's a double, plum in color but no frilly white/green edge.

The colors in the photo are fairly accurate.

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