Here's my photo -- I hope

krystyna1937August 23, 2007

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Hi folks! My picture is in the previous message. I was so impressed with myself for having got this far that I didn't dare do anything to ruin it so I'm writing separately:
It took a while but here we go: This nameless plant, which I hope you can enlarge, has double blossoms and is rather sprawled in its 4.5" self-watering pot. My question, lo these many days ago, was whether this is a trailer and if so what should I do with it? If it's not, how do I recognize one when I see one?I've read that I can split it up into several plants but I'm not sure how to go about this or if it is desirable to do so.
All advice will be eagerly welcomed.
The other thing that bugs me is that I've now got 7 lovely plants, of which only 3 came with names.

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robitaillenancy1(zone 5)

I'm pretty sure this is not a trailer. It seems to have only one crown or growing point although there may be other crowns or suckers under the leaves.


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thanks for the info.
I think I'll just let it do its thing. It seems to be happy.
Meanwhile, I'm studying this new bit of horticulture.
I'm actually a bonsaist but my apartment can only accommodate so many trees (all of the tropical, indoor variety). AV's suddenly offered a new outlet and now I'm hooked.
One more technical question: were you able to enlarge my photo or should I learn how to post a bigger format?

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Your photo does enlarge to a 320 size but I usually use a bigger size for photos on forums. I went to the imageshack and its a little different from photobucket, but if you click on the dropdown and highlight the message board size[640] it would be better. I use resize photo magic to resize pics for I have dialup and it takes forever to upload if I dont resize. If you dont have dialup it probably doesnt matter.

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If you haven't dug around enough to find leaf types yet, even though your plant is nameless, it has "girl type" foliage, which isn't very often found in our beloved "noid" plants. So it's still quite a treasure. I think it's beautiful.

I had a bonsai once, a very nice ficus, but I ended up killing it over time - I was inexperienced with plants in general then. I wish I could get another now, but the shop I bought it from has since closed down. Oh well.

Also, I could get it to enlarge a bit by clicking on it, so your linking worked. :o)

Good luck with your lovely babies,

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violetta1976(8 Portland OR)

Krys, what a gorgeously healthy plant! Well done! :0)

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I'm glad you approve, but I've only had it two weeks so I could yet kill it. How does one find out the names of these violets? Oddly enough, the three from a supermarket had name tags, the ones from "professional" places did not!

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Nice pic, glad you figured it out! Now your going to have to start posting photos all the


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