A nice small bouquet

vikingcraftsmanSeptember 10, 2008

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Hi Viking-

I find the first arrangement really quite interesting. Whether you know it or not you've hit upon the new English way of arranging flowers.

However, to help you in your endeavor, and I hope you take this in the right way, here are a few pointers for award winning dahlia arrangements.

1). You want the largest flowers closest to the lip of the container. Ideally, you want your most vivid's there too.

2). Walk into your garden and try to find some 'line material' (aka no flowers but has a linear dimension). I would suggest long tree twigs or say, iris leaves. Put two to three of those, sized at about two to three times the size of the container in with the flowers.

3). A few decent sized leaves at the lip of the container. Could be huchera, Rhodie leaves, or even some potted plant folliage you have in your home.

Hope this works out for you. Love your contribution to the site.

Best regards from Westchester,


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Thanks Lucinda I will try your suggestions. Should I through out the bouquet I made today?LOL

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sturgeonguy(5a ON)


I have to say, I really liked the flowers in the first one but misslucinda's suggestions, and the arrangement you made from them, really has more eye appeal!

If you've some BA's with long stems, it might be nice to stick a couple in the very top to stand up with the iris leaves.


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Hey Viking!

Yes, the height is good. I think Russ is asking you to prop your iris leaves up a little straighter so they don't look slightly intoxicated (lol). But no matter, now you've got the height, try a hosta leaf or two.

Congrats for your efforts.

My absolute best to you and the viking gal wife,


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Thanks all, the wife's birthday is tomorrow so she will get a nice bouquet. The daughter (Viking Princess)is making her a nice ice cream cake. My neighbor is celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary so another bouquet will be made.

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