Gardenia blooming!

snasxs(7-8 VA)May 12, 2008

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siliconmage(z5 NE)

Those look very nice.

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Is this the same gardenia you posted in January? Hi,I just bought a veitchii from home depot in New York City 4 days ago, it came in a 6.5in pot, but it was huge extending about 16 to 18inches. I repotted it in a 10in pot because it was recommended for future growth. It has about 9 buds and no flowers as of yet. It is my first gardenia and I read up on some postings. Oh yeah, I noticed some small green beaded fertilizer on top. Would you happen to know what kind of fertilizer that is? Is it the slow releasing type? The flower shop near my home sells gardenia for about 18 dollars and I noticed that I looks much better with greener leaves like the one you have. They tell me that it is premium picked and usually home depot gets the left over they sell it at a discount. The lady at the flower shop waters her gardenia every day to keep the leaves dark green and "perky." She said that watering every other day is okay depending on the pot size and temperature. I got nervous when I heard that because I didn't watered it since sunday and i watered it with 1/2 liter of water today because I didn't want to overwater my gardenia. I didn't get any fertilizer yet, but I will get miracid soon. I also noticed one of the branches has slightly yellowed leaves with green veins and I'm worried that it will spread. So far there aren't any brown or dark spots, but i wish the leaves could be darker. Oh, and how much fertilizer do you use per gallon of water? Thanks, Annie

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snasxs(7-8 VA)

No, these are plants of my friends. I can tell these plants are not the happiest. The reason I post the image is that these are wild-collected double-type.

The lady at the flower shop is correct. But she could be misleading for new growers. When I place my gardenia outdoors in hot summer, I check daily. There is a possibility that they need water daily. This is never the case for indoor blooming in winter. Have you bought a "soil humidity meter"? Once you have it, gardenia is easy to care for. If the soil near the center of the root is very wet, you do not water.

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Thanks, I really appreciate your help. Do you know if the yellow leaves will turn green again by any chance if I fertilize it with a little bit of miracid with each watering like the way you do with yours? Or will it drop down eventually?
Do you use 1/2 a spoon full of the azelea fertilizer per gallon of water? I have one branch with slightly yellowish leaves and green veins, but it has a flower bud on it, so hopefully the bud will bloom. I'll try to get a soil humidity meter somewhere. Unfortunately, there are no Wall-Mart in New York City...
Again, thanks for your help.

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Home Depot, where you bought your plant, will have the water meter that you stick in the pot to see if it needs watering.
Good Luck with your new baby.

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