Do you think I'm over feeding my squirrels??

Teresa_MNOctober 30, 2006

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hostared(Z5, IL)

Oh My Gosh, I think someone needs to get some diet food!
If his girth is part of winter storage then we are in for a cold winter!

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In years past, folks have mistaken our squirrels for ground hogs!! LOL
They get a strict diet of unsalted roasted p-nuts, and black oil sunflower seed--yuuummm!


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That is the fattest squirrel I have ever seen! LOLOLOLOL!

Great photo


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I wish I knew how to use the video recorder on my cell phone. He came waddling across the railing! I'll have to take the time to figure it out.

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Teresa, That is hysterical! I hope you can catch him on the cell phone.

I have a squirrel that wants handouts. When he sees me he'll run up to the side deck and beg! Does yours beg for food?

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They don't beg but one came in the house one day. I had the screen door to the deck open and there wasn't any food out there. He came in about 2 feet, looked around, saw one of my cats and took off!

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hi all...

we put out unsalted in the shell peanuts here too....

the blue jays and squirrels go crazy after them and won't stop until the tray is empty...

hope the squirrels don't find my tulips when they are burying the peanuts...


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What a funny picture! I have a problem with squirrels digging in all my flowerbeds. I have rocks in every pot and near every plant. They have started nibbling on the leaves. Maybe the secret is to feed them like your little fellow, and they will be too fat to bother the hostas. Your picture made my day.

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