Breakfast at the Kountry Kitchen

ctnchprMay 6, 2007

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I love seeing all the pictures you guys post. We are not in an area that gets a lot. We may have 5 or so in the summer but they are always fighting in spite of extra feeders so I never see more than 1 feeding at a time. The only time I have seen a large number of hummers was when we were in the cloud forest of Costa Rico. What a wonderful sight!

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Whoa! That's awesome. I also get about 5 regulars and they're always fighting too, despite having 2 feeders. They always feed one at a time too :(

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I count 11. Wow! I never see nearly that many--certainly not at one time. I think I had at least 4 last year--an adult male, and adult female, and two babies. It's possible there were more, but they didn't tend to come swooping in all at the same time. There was a little bit of quarreling at the feeder, but it was always between just two birds.

Did you always have that many, or did the numbers gradually build over the years?

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Most of the birds in the photo are females, and
they have their squabbles, too. The thug males
have been lured to other parts of the yard by
using several small feeders. It seems to reduce
the fighting a lot. I've added another feeder
at this station, the 16 ports weren't enough
during the early morning and late afternoon
feeding frenzies.

Kristin: I've been feeding 'em for about 15
years, and there has been a steady increase in
the resident population.

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Great pics. Looks like reunion time at the feeders. Its nice to see more flying in to join the fiesta. I notice all females except the one on the left feeder that appears to have a dark throat but could be shadow. I dont have that many during the summer, but there are times in the evening when I see 3 or 4 perching and eating together. Last summer I averaged about 6 untill the babies came along.

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Thanks, hummersteve. Here is another pic, this
one with 7 girls and a boy. Everything seems so
peaceful without a pack of show-offy boys hangin'

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that is such a cool pic
i wish i had that many hummers
i started feeding them last summer
and i waited and waited imptiatently
for the lil rascals to show this spring
and now i have at least 2 males coming to the feeder .

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About the only time I can count on seeing any right now is between 8:30 and 9pm, but I did see my first female today I hope things start to look up now.

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I have to keep coming back and looking at your pictures, they look so peacefull and for the fact that my regulars arent back yet and Im lonely for them.

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