wallisadiDecember 5, 2011

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Please tell me what we are supposed to be looking at. I must be missing something.

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Thanks, rom6 .. I thought I was the only clueless one! And I never got one of the previous pics wallisadi posted (some weird white blob). brain freeze perhaps, and I hope we get an answer!

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annafl(z9b/10a Sarasota)

I say it's the reflection of the bamboo, and the few bamboo leaves in the birdbath. It's my artistic interpretation! I also see like an earring or decoration in the water, but maybe I'm hallucinating...


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suddensam(10 Boynton Beach)

Thats some big butted mosquito larva.
Plant em if you got em.

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At first glance I thought it was frozen, but then I realized it was the reflection we were supposed to see. At least I think so. :o) But I can't find the ear ring.

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akaj9(9 Central Florida)

I agree it must be the reflection we are looking at...it would have been even nicer without the leaves in there....And..uh...I can't find the earing either....unless it's that circular piece at about 10 o'clock? The bamboo in the reflection is really nice...

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