Indian Chief?

gardenunusual(5b)June 2, 2011

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sure looks like it to me!

I have a great sentimental attachment to Indian Chief:
I once had an office in the first real estate building built in my area, built by the first woman real estate broker in the area.

She built it on a plan based roughly on Judge Roy Bean's saloon, & she planted a few Indian Chiefs in front.

By the time I came along, there must have been a hundred of them.

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Yes, they are very prolific. I almost got into an accident a few times looking at these.

I left a note in the homeowners mailbox, and received a call back. Needless to say, I am thrilled to have these in my garden.

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bear_with_me(8 Pacific NW)

Browsing through these older postings, thinking about the flowers to come! I planted Indian Chief from Old House Gardens this Spring. It was one of the only ones that didn't bloom. OHG says it takes some luck to get them to bloom the first year. It grew vigorously, so maybe next Spring I'll see the result.

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where can you buy this iris/

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I looked around and found this catalog:

Here is a link that might be useful: Heirloom Iris

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I bought Indian Chief last year from Old House Gardens. That was along with about 5 other varieties.

They ship in March or so. That way, you have a chance for flowers this year. Not guaranteed to bloom same year - 4 of my 6 bloomed, 2 did not.

Still, if you wait until summer to order, then there is no chance you'll see them bloom this Spring because you wont have them yet.

I put in another order to OHG for this Spring. The ones I bought last year mostly did very well during the summer and fall. One declined, I don't know why. The 2 that did not bloom, really put on a lot of growth, so I am hoping for lots of bloom this coming Spring.

I'm also guessing, the flowers the first year might be smaller than for established irises. Mine seemed smaller. There might be stress from the digging/shipping/replanting. process.

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Iris City Gardens, Bluebird Haven, Cynthia's Iris Garden all list it.

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