Dark Hosta: Hosta 'Twilight Time'

hostahillbilly(4)July 27, 2012

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idiothe(4 MN)

thanks... I, too, like TT... and also the smaller Tong Twister... dense, solid clumps with extra "life" coming from the form of the leaves... along with the good color... nice new generation...

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bernd ny zone5

I like that plant, especially the one you have, HH, it looks great with its shiny and curly dark green leaves. Mine is smaller and got blotchy this spring. I tested it for HVX, but didn't have it, probably got affected by frost. The new leaves are fine. Bernd

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I'm a fan of the darker leafed hosta too. Did you want other people to post random dark leafed hosta, or only Twilight Time?

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it's an open forum, have at it '-)


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Been very busy planting hosta, new arrivals, and indexing the pictures taken over the month of July. So I'll post about one or two, and then head for the bed. Must get up very early in the morning.

longissima species

Jaws got the color, just developing its other traits

Lakeside Full Tide

Blue Angel

nIGHTLIFE...HAVE TO SAY, THIS IS THE DARkest one on any day of the week

Just LOVE Nightlife

Second Wind...right up there with Nightlife

Stiff Upper Lip...dark on top and sort of white beneath, dark and very stiff

Lakeside Pebbles...for the smaller needs

King of Spades

See why I like King of Spades?

Candy Dish...dark even sitting in a good bit of sun, accidentally I might add

Lederhosen has it all....just shifting from blue to green here, will get its deep leathery/plastic dark sheen soon. Plus it has plantaginea in it.

I have a new hosta, Dark Shadows, which I hope lives up to its name.

and that's all for tonight. over and out.

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peggy_hosta(z4 neSD)

Here's my Potomac Pride. Gets 2 hrs sun, then shade for 4 hrs., then sun for another 2-3 hrs then shade again. Everytime I have a garden tour, they ask about this one.She's looking a little beat up :(

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What I like are the really dark dark greens. Oh yes. Taking a walk in the moonlight you see the darkness of the trees, like the live oak and magnolia grandiflora, and the color I see at night is what I call JET GREEN, as similar to JET BLACK. For some reason, the term JET is intended to denote extremely dark. So why not JET GREEN?

With only a little bit of light making the trees visible more than a silhouette, there is green in that darkness. I think the perfect dark green for a hosta is this JET GREEN.

By having white annual vinca blooming in front of the jet green hosta to mark a pathway, visible in the darkness because of the white blossoms, you can enjoy the essence of jetness, the quintessential greenness, that comes to you as a wave in the night air. Nothing like a walk in the garden after dark, when the moths and night flying insects such as lightning bugs flutter erratically in the stillness, seeking that heavenly plantaginea aroma. Magic in the air.

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jan_on zone 5b

Moccasin - Hmmm - a hosta grower and a poet too! You have transported me to your garden.

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Jan, pleased to have you join me. Other than plants and gardens, I am addicted to.....words, shall we say. :)

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