Another slow Saturday night... PAS #4

ottawapepperMay 5, 2012

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Too bad it's sooooo true.

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HA HA HA Love it!! So sad it so true! That would kill me if that happened to me. Glad all you on GW got to me before eBay. Thank you!

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CRAP! I'm dyslexic.. that's PSA.

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..or your fingers might be. ;-)

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This is great, I hope a lot of people see this. Ebay works well for a lot of things, but not seeds.
Did you make this? I'd love to share it, but I want to give whomever made it proper credit.

Here is a link that might be useful: Check out my chile pepper blog for recipes, tips and gardening info.

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Yes, I made it. The photos used for the envelope and red Bell were taken from a disk of royalty free images I got with a graphic software years ago.

Feel free to share.

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Next one should be a pile of seeds next to a super hot = $35.00

ISN"T Better than

Put a picture of a $3.00 - $5.00 pack of seeds for the same thing from Peppermania or whoever.

Another could be a picture of a super hot dried and fresh with a $50.00 LB.(paid before the pods are even ready to ship)+shp. price tag...


High price doesn't mean better...
You are getting crossed pods that the seeds won't grow what you think they will.

I can't count how many weird plants I got from seeds some one sent from pods they purchased last season.
7 pot ANNUUMS etc.
The persons pods they bought looked crossed in the first place and the seeds from the grow out weren't isolated either.

Also new name doesn't mean a new variety,only another cross that won't grow true.

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