Carrie_AZ(9/10 AZ)April 21, 2010

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

That looks like a large rose. Is it?

I like the color too!

Does it have a nice smell?


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Favourite color!

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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

Compared to how it's size compares to the leaves, it does look like a very large bloom. Very nice!

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Christian Dior has been around for a while. Beautiful large blooms. Alas, no scent. But the pure beauty of the blooms can be overwhilming. An old preacher brought over a vase full last week and asked me to root him up a couple. He got them from his parents old farm in the mountains. He doesn't want to loose them. He told me the bushs were over 40 yrs old. I hope I can get at least three to root (More would REALLY make me happy. I've got 13 in starter pots). I would LOVE to have one of the origanils in my garden.

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dove_song(WA State Z6b)

It's a beauty of a red rose, Carrie! :) So often when I've seen photos of it, its sheer beauty makes me pause to drink in its loveliness . Thanks for sharing yours!

Ken, sure do hope you get plenty of this sublime rose to root for your preacher friend. Sounds like it really brings him fond memories. And one for you! :)


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Very pretty---Love the color-----

Ken --I do hope you are able to root some of these cuttings---Sounds like it would mean so much to your friend---

Please keep us posted--


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mark_roeder(4B IA)

I planted this rose in a municipal garden. It is an early bloomer. The red is brilliant. But there are few petals and little to no form. I just don't understand it. We take good care of it.

Your rose looks nice!

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