fingers bonsai #2

calif888(9)November 28, 2011

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I look for pots like that at the thrift store, so I'm glad I'm in a different country than you are - there are pickings enough for both of us. Nicely staged that one is.

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cactusharris:::::YES,,I am often in Salvation Army and Goodwill. This yellow pot is from the Dollar Tree store....lots of possible bonsai pots for $1.00 have a great sense of humor and I enjoy your posts. I have learned lots from you and had some good laughs. Now if we could only get the thrift stores to drill holes in all their pots,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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Drilling operations here have been suspended for the winter, but I hope to have a collection of the to-be-drilled ready for spring.

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