MY cactus is in a VERY small pot

calif888(9)November 30, 2011

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As long as it has a drainage hole and 1" soil around the sides it's okay, it would grow taller and larger if it was in a larger pot, but that not much larger. Change when the weather settles in the spring depending where you live. Give it new fresh soil then.

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very cool looking pot. where does one get such small pots?

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Cute little yellow top hat.

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Norma:: Thanks for your comments. I have learned lots from you here at GW.
Chicagardens :: This is a SAKE cup from an Asian kitchen supply store. Lots of tea cups are also suitable. Asian ones do not have a handle. Also try thrift stores, garage sales, dollar stores, etc.... From your name , I would guess you are in Chicago ??? I was born there MANY years ago. My parents grew hardy succulents in our back yard.......WOW did it get cold.
Pennyhal:: I did not notice the top hat till you pointed it out....thanks.

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chaparralgirl(Sonoran Desert (CA))

Calif888888888888 - I get most of my containers from thrift stores, too. Always some great finds there.


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CG :::: Thanks for all the EIGHTS......a very lucky number among Asians here in the San Francisco bay area.....It will bring good fortune. I am not Asian , but I like to use the 8s just in case,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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