Best time to plant hibiscus laevis seeds?

billkodak(z5 RI)November 13, 2005

For the first time I harvested seed from my hibiscus l. and have them in a bag, most still in their pods.

When to plant? How deep. Plant the pod and seed together?

What if there is loads of snow most of the winter?

Would appreciate any and all information on how to best use my seeds.

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They won't germinate until the temps are consistently above 70 degrees, so I'd wait until then.

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plant_maniac10000001(6 OH)

I've found that you can cold/moist stratify them in your fridge for 4 months and just plant them on site after your first frost any problem. I've probably had near 100% in ground germination using this method in just a few days (large drainage ditch)! We had a flash flood the other day -- about three inches of rain from training thunderstorms -- and most, if not all of the little sprouts were completely covered with water, and are still alive and healthy looking!

I'm not sure if the nursery I ordered from (everwilde) scarified them or not, but the coatings still appeared to be on the seeds.

I simply used a weed-eater and then a rake to clear the area and scattered a seed/vermiculite mixture onto the exposed mud and packed them into the ground by stepping repeatedly over the area. They did not wash out.

I also boiled the grass I raked up to kill any seeds and scattered it back down over the area to help the seeds to germinate (I used a large aluminum garbage can filled with water, then put the wood ashes from my fire on my lilacs :) Even the grass is still there after the rain, and the vermiculite appears to be, as well. I think a combination of the growth that was already in the ditch, the grass over-top as a light mulch, and packing the area after sowing may have helped (and perhaps good timing -- mother nature waited until the seeds sprouted so you may want to check your weather forecast).

If this website would allow it, I'd show you the pictures. I uploaded them to my computer, only to get on here and find that there is no practical way to post them :-(

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