WOW, wish I saw this early, I have pine needles

redblossom40(z8-9 sierra)January 21, 2008

Boy, Do we have pine needles. Ever time the wind blows we get more. I've made baskets with them and the local Indains use them back before the gold rush. Anyways, If anybody wants some let me know. Racked a big pile and Hubby is going to burn them today. But, have more and will always have them. Also they are nice and long.

Let me know


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Yee Haa Tamara.....I have gotten a few from a couple of people...most are small...about 6-8" long ...I use them but its difficult....Hope we can make arrangements for some...would really appreciate it....I have only been making the baskets for about 6 months, but I love it ...I am disabled and cant get around very well, but it sure makes the time go by when I am Needling ....Let me know....and THANKS,,,,Sandra

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