Squirrel feeder

Shy__Ann(z9 FL)January 3, 2004

Does anyone any ideas on how an 8 year old could construct one of these? I know to alot of people feel they are pests but we have a bay window in our living room with two very large trees out front. Our son likes to sit and watch them scurry up and down the tree and all about the yard (So does the cat! ;)). He has come up with the idea of making a feeder for them like we do for the birds-both to keep me from complaining about them getting into the bird feeders and also so that they will have food. He thinks they are starving, I guess! NOT! I have not had any problems with them besides getting into the bird feeders (or trying too anyway!) so I thought we could give it a go to make him happy but I dont know where to start.

Shy Ann

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annsb(zone 6)

When I was little my grandmother had her breakfast table by a window with a large platform feeder for the squirrels and the birds. I used to love to visit her and sit at that table and happily watch. Hers was simply a flat board with a lip to keep the seed from falling off. Not terribly sophisticated but it certainly worked. Your son could paint it with pictures of birds and squirrels and then it would become a family keepsake. Thanks for reminding me of a wonderful childhood memory!

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Shy__Ann(z9 FL)

That sounds like a plan! And easy enough for me to do! ;) My son would love the idea of decorating it, also! The simplest ideas usually work out the best..I tend to try and over complicate things when thinking of a solution for something.

Great idea! Thnx


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