what to do with old potpourri

katie_in(zone 5b IN)January 24, 2004

I have to ask and who better to ask than those who know everything you don't.

I have several bags of potpourri that have lost their smell. What can be done with this stuff now?

Thanks everyone.


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Katie, Try to get hold of some orris root (chunks or powder). Orris root will hold the scent. To several tablespoons of chunks or a teaspoon or two of powder, add drops of your favorite essential or fragrance oils until it smells good to you. I make it a little stronger than what I think I want since it will be dispersed in the potpourri mixture. You might want to write down the proportions for future reference.

Put your potpourri in a paper bag, add orris and shake gently, fold over bag and clip tightly. Place in cool area and shake every couple of days for two weeks. Voila! New potpourri with either previous scent or a whole new one tailored just for you.

PS I prefer the orris root as powder can get...well powdery!


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In place of orris root, you can use corn starch or talcum powder. This is called a fixative, and it does hold the scent in potpourri. However, as the air dissipates, you will have to reapply the essential oil drops, to the potpourri periodically. Never throw out old potpourri, just refresh it. Or mix with new potpourri. Enjoy.

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dgo1223(7 NW Ga)

I was wondering the same thing.

I thought about taking some with the right color in it, and in probably small size pieces, and hot glueing to a lampshade, for a informal area of course! I figured if I used an old one I wouldn't ruin anything!


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Just rescent as the first post said, using essential oils . If you can not find orris root, you may use corn starch. It too will hold the scent of the oil better. But every month or two I add a few drops of new oils to my potpourris. You can dry your own flowers and seed pods and pinecones to add to it and then rescent it.

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Posie(z3 MN)

I use my older stuff just for "looks" sometimes, especially if it is larger pieces of stuff or pinecones, etc. Put it around a candle on a plate or in a clear bowl around a candle. (Just don't set it on fire!) Or as the others said you can "rescent" it. The lampshade idea sounds like fun. I covered a little birdhouse roof once with some.

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Nell Jean

Well. If you're tired of it as pot pourri, you might take some plastic softballs, and some glue, and roll the balls in the pot pourri and make mulch balls for the patio or some sheltered spot.

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You can make ornaments by making a dough, adding potpourri and letting it air dry. Mix together 1 cup of flour 1/2 cup of salt 1 cup of potpourri and up to 1/2 cup of water. Gradually add water until dough holds together. Shape or mold or use cookie cutters. Refrigerating dough makes it easier to work with. Don't forget to make a hole so you can hang it. A plastic straw punched into the dough makes a nice size hole. Air dry.

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