Ideas for garden party

ondrea_carina_leaf(7)February 20, 2005

Creative INPUT please!

I need ideas for things to decorate a twilight/evening garden Party.

Creative ideas to design for Candles/votive holders, garden chandlers, centerpieces, Something different for Tiki torches.

The eating area and paths through the garden will need illumination.

The theme is "MOONLIGHT and ROSES"


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Sounds like fun. I have a lot of path that I like to light up too. Some times I use little whhite christmas light lining the path. But that would be too much maybe for what you are doing. I would save lots of jars and put a small tea light in each and have them line your walk way. Also the tin cans with designs hammered into them and hung from tree limbs. In our classroom we made some cool lanterns this fall. The kids blew up a mid size ballon and covered it with tissue paper until it was several layers thick. leaving the area around the knot about 3 inches wide or so. Once it was all the way dry they popped the ballon and threaded a handle over the top to hang from a branch or stick if yyou want to carry it. we put the tea light candles in side in the little tin cups they came in. Glued so they would not tip over. They are still useable now after four + months. Of course they are hanging inside and not in the rain, but they could work for you if it is a dry night. Choose what ever color works for your party, add flower or star cut outs.

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Moonlight and Roses, that sounds like a really neat idea. I think I would use lots of white roses for decorating. It's amazing how much white flowers really do stand out at night. Any white flowers would be good, but especially roses.
For tealight holders I save all of my glade scented candle cups. Or you can buy containers that size at the dollar store. I take tissue paper,and decopage (sp) glue and put the tissue paper on the outside of the cups with the glue It makes a really pretty paper lantern effect. If it's informal you can even decopage mason jars. I like using the jars because if it's windy, they won't keep blowing out. You could line the table with them, and sprinkle little glitter moons and stars around them.

Little white fairy lights look pretty in potted trees, or any trees for that matter. They also give off considerable light.

I don't know about decorations for the tiki torches. Maybe painting them white or wrapping ivy around them.

Good luck, and have fun with your party!

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eviltwinjuli(z9 CA)

Someone somewhere once posted that they went to thrift stores & the like and purchased glass lamp shades used on ceiling fan lights, buried them a bit (small side in the ground) and placed candles in the center. They also said that they would place them in flower pots on tables. Does my description make sense? If one used Mason jars, I would make sure there was some sand in them for stability and easy clean up when the candles melted....

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A twilight garden party sounds wonderful. I work at a catering place and I'm in the floral dept. Last fall we did a really big party for a client. He had paths that went around his property and a large pond. We put out 500 mason jars with a candle all along the paths and all around the pond. Then we putted white christmas lights all around there decks and in the trees. It was Beautiful! ( I don't know why stores don't carry twinkle lights all year. People use them for weddings, crafts, and decorating their decks and porches.) I agree with Flowrpowr, white flowers would be lovely at night. For garden parties I light seeing layers of tablecloths or material on the tables. Tie sashes around each chair and add a cluster of flowers to each bow. I don't know if you are thinking "formal", but using a new watering can for your drinks, new garden tools for serving tools, and big clay chargers for plates. Sorry, I got carried away, you didn't ask about this stuff. For your eating area, if you have trees, we hunged mason jars with candles in them. Also they have got some really inexspensive chinese lanterns that you could put some lights in or they have some that are battery operated. I just saw them at JoAnns. I belong to a garden club, so I'm always looking for new ways to decorate for our meetings.
Goog Luck on your party.

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CandyWA(z8 WA)

Joann's has 7' long garlands with white roses. They're beautiful when swagged or spiraled around railings... or... tiki posts. Add a big wedding bow with long streamers at the top of each spiral (just under the flaming torch). When I make big bows for weddings I use white ribbon along with tulle (for the bulkiness of the bows). It saves a lot of money... and it looks very elegant.

Have a great time planning your party... it sounds fun

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I like using the little plastic drinking cups made into a large ball, filled with twinkle lights and hung around the eating area. You just cut a slit in the bottom of each cup (get the cheapest ones, they aren't brittle) and feed in a few lights on the string. After you have at least half the string capped with cups you can start hot glueing the cups together (outside wall to outside wall). As you glue they will start to fit together into a large ball, it won't be a perfect fit but close enough. After the ball is almost complete you shove the remaining string of lights into the center cavity leaving the plug in end exposed and outside the ball by a few feet. Then seal up the rest of the ball with cups and let it dry. If you have the "chaser" multi-colored lights you get a weird sci-fi effect. These party balls look best when viewed from a distance.

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Also what about a water feature of some kind. Floating candles and roses in it would be really pretty and I know you could light it up too. Also a white canopy or tent to seperate the area. Or just stringing a white drop cloth from some trees if you have some trees close together.Decorate fences with swags and white lights. Adding the little white twinkle lights and simple centerpieces of roses and candles on mirrors sounds great or white candles and rose petals. Let us know how it goes.

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Have you had your party yet? Other ideas:
Use the white rope lights to outline the walkway/path to the entertaining area. Perhaps place an inexpensive metal arch at the entrance where guests would have to walk thru it. Cover the arch with white twinkles & yards of tulle on top-to give it a dreamy effect. Maybe have a pot of liquid rose potpourri hidden near the arch-so the frangrance hits them when they walk under it.
You could also -with some careful planning-lay a string of white lights scattered on each guest table-again-covered with tulle or chiffon-to diffuse the lights, adding a bud vase with clear marbles & 2-3 roses in it. Scattered silk rose petals sprayed with rose fragrance on the tulle would be nice too.
By using extension cords-and covering them w/grass like rug runners-you could create this lighted area on the tables.
Another cool idea-might be to suspend a few black light bulbs in a pretty tree and add white paper roses attached to the limbs/twigs-they will glow under the black light bulbs.

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Hope I'm not too late. Here is a garden party we just hosted that I think came out perfectly. Kudos to my wonderful wife, who did EVERyTHING. Check out the pics:

Here is a link that might be useful: designstiles

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