Garden Fountain Repair

butterclem(z6 W.PA)February 12, 2009


I have a 5-ft. high wall fountain in my garden made of a stone/resin/styrene mix. Somehow it got unanchored from the wall this winter and toppled on its face. It fared pretty well, but does need some help.

I need two things: first, a silly-putty-like weatherproof material I can use to fill in some little chinks that broke off. Second, a tape (1-1/8" wide) to replace a decorative band that girdles the fountain. I'm not sure what this band is made of, but it's less sturdy and experienced the most damage. I was thinking of using fiberglasss tape, then painting it the right (sort of rusty) color.

If anyone has any experience with this sort of thing -- or any hunches -- I'd be really grateful.


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butterclem(z6 W.PA)

P. S. -- I'm attaching a photo of the undamaged fountain from last summer and a closeup of the damage.

The fountain comes in two parts. The division is right where the damage is.

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