Anyone make Pot Feet?

rhapsdy(z8-9, La.)February 26, 2003

I have seen pictures of all kinds of pot feet..some very decorative, others mostly just practicle for making your pot sit off of the ground. I am in need of some pot feet so that my pots don't make the wood on our balcony rot. question is.....does anyone have any ideas on how to make pot feet? I have looked into buying them but for a few dollars a foot this could get quite expensive!!! :)

Thanks for any ideas!! :)


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Hi Kelly, I've seen them before and think they're the cutest things! Like you I didn't want to spend the money for them! The only thing I can think of, right now, is maybe using 3-4 the mini pots under the larger pot...more like "legs" than "feet"...LOL! Hope someone comes up with some ideas!

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You could glue big marbles to the pot bottoms with Liquid Nails. You can usually find the marbles @ WalMart or Hobby Lobby.

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Chris_MI(z5 MI)

I have used PVC pipe-found at building sites-or buy a long piece and make a lot of them. cut 3 pieces about 3" tall and cut a section out of it 1 1/2" x 1/2 the diameter of the circle. The pot sits where the removed section would have been. drill and use salvaged wire to wire them together in a circle.(one piece of wire in each section and all wires connected in the middle) it makes it easier to move the pots and the pots won't fall of, because the pipes are linked together. If you can't understand my explaination-just think about it for a while-the PVC pipes can be painted, stencils or stamped for decoration. good luck

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youthman(z5 Mo)

couldn't you make some out of wood?

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beaks(z4-5 SE WI)

I saw a trivet on I plan on having the kids paint around the edges on some larger tiles for my pots to sit on.

Here is a link that might be useful: HGTV Painted Trivet

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billie_ann(6b PA)

You can also buy at hardware and home improvement stores packages of rubber bumpers/feet. They have adhesive on one side that you can stick to the pot. You don't have to elevate the pot much. They usually come in brown, white and clear. They are round or square and a couple of different sizes. I tried them last year and they lasted through the winter and still look good. Billie

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Tisha(z5 NH)

billie ann-
that's a great idea, they must have all kinds of things like that for furniture legs.

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graciecraft(z6 ID)

get those large wood craft "balls" from the craft store and glue them on, they work great! they are flat on one side -

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You could use polymer clay!! Shape and bake according to instructions, then glue onto the pot!! The craft stores have tons of colors!!

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I bought a big bag of rubber doll shoes at a garage sale.(They are three and four inches long) Filled them with concrete and let it dry. They are cute sticking out from under the pots. Barb

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CandyWA(z8 WA)

I like Barb's shoe's idea :) You could also gather small river rocks and paint them to look like bear's feet... or even little critters peaking out from under the pot. Have you seen the painted rocks? I have three of Lin Wellford's books... rocks painted to look like animals, flowers and cottages. I think it would be cute to have rocks painted to look like a pots feet. Have fun...

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NewPenny(z8a-7b WA, USA)

Maybe you could use copper coil tubbing wrapped around big glass marbles or something. Whatever you use for feet you might want to spread coffee grounds under the pots after you raise them up on there feet. This would kill any slugs or snails that tried to craw up into your pots. :-)

Small glass ashtrays? or those glass tea/punch cups you can find cheep at Thrift stores and yard sales if one or more of a set has been broken. Turn them upside down with the handles pointing in. A lot of them have pretty designs in the glass.

Take care, Penny

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How about using game board pieces. Such as Checkers or Dominoes.

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Judeth(Z8 B.C. Can)

Think it was in the "Junk" site that a Turtle was made out of the terra cota pots. They used "Pot Feet" for it's feet.

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There is a company i found which makes really ornate and solid concrete pot feet. their website is - you will see they have all kinds of animals pot feet and other amusing styles too. Like Dog Rears and Monster & Tail Pot Feet. they are so cool!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I like to make stuff out of concrete, and just yesterday I made some pot feet out of some little old tart pans (bought cheap from a thrift store). Spray your molds with Pam, or brush with veggie oil or vaseline, then add quick crete. Tamp or shake out the air bubbles. Wait 24 hours or what ever your package says. The ones I chose have fluted edges and they are very cute. The flutes look a bit like toes. I was making a lot of stuff, tho. Probably wouldn't want to mix up a whole batch just for pot feet.

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I make pot feet! I am a professional landscape designer and container gardener and was frustrated with the choice of pot feet of the market - so I made my own! I am now selling them online ( I wanted something heavy duty, affordable, low profile and environmentally friendly. We would LOVE your feedback at this stage as we are just beginning to get the word out. Let me know what you think!

Here is a link that might be useful: thrive

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Yes we have them here:

Here is a link that might be useful: Outdoor Garden Pot Feet

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Hi,saw your request and brought to mind the "Bonsai Pot" I am trying to "Create". I am looking to make a "crater shaped pot with opening of ball shape nearer top and off center.....and would LOVE to have "lion's feet" on the bottom. Weird,huh? But this Baby Bonsai in Training would be just lovely in this design.Anyone "design" Accent Bonsai Pieces? I was wondering if anyone has made their own bonsai pot at a pottery school/shop and added any "lion's paws".....??????

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martha stewart suggested using cork as pot feet

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