Making your own flower frogs from plumbing parts

Cheri_C(z5OH)March 15, 2005

I just received my "Creative Ideas" magazine from Lowe's. They had an article on making flower frogs from using plumbing parts. Secure a 4-inch-diamenter sink strainer on any glass vase or jar with a small amount of liquid nails. Then on small bud vases you use the floor/ceiling plates. They're cute! Also they made a hanging planter out of a clear glass globe (lighting fixture) and wrapped solder wire around the neck and added some curly cues and then added a longer piece and connected it on both sides for the hanger.

Our Lowe's is starting a new Creative Ideas Clinic. This month is "How to create a versatile wall sconce" and April is "How to create colorful terra cotta projects.

Spring is getting closer!!!

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I, for one, love this idea!

On a visit to their website, I could not find
information about the magazine you mentioned.
Is this a subscription or something they will
send free in the mail?

Many thanks for sharing the flower frog idea. :-)

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Wuvie, I found this link for you. I haven't looked yet, but hopefully the flower frog instructions are listed on the website.


Here is a link that might be useful: Lowes Magazines

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