Need to build or get custom fire pit please

mikehendeMarch 15, 2009

The laws here in NY have changed recently, we can't have open flame fire outdoors anymore due to flying sparks causing too many fires so all of my firewood is just lying there doing nothing. We would always use firewood on the weekend to cook. I was wondering if there is something I could possibly rig up which might work? I looked at fire or copper pits online, 3 main problems, if using for cooking purposes, whenever you need to add firewood you would have to remove the screen, the pot then the grill which the pot is resting on, too much hassle. Then there is the problem of the wire mesh screen not being tall enough to cover a high pot like a soup pot.

So I need to burn firewood for cooking purposes but can't have sparks escaping, what options are there or can I build something myself? Will appreciate any advice/leads.

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At the store I work in, we sell some above-ground fire pits during summer. They're really just big metal kettle-shaped structures, some that have a grill that fits on them, and all with a wire-mesh dome for spark capture.

It seems to me that'd it be fairly easy to convert say a burn barrel or other large metal thing into a fire pit, with the inclusion of a door either hinged or sliding to feed wood into, on the sides. And the dome would be simple hardware cloth, bent to shape.

As for aesthetics, that I leave to your imagination.

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