Blue Jean planters AGAIN ;.)

Naomi MillerMarch 26, 2010

I hate to beat a dead horse, but I have read every entry regarding these planters and I am still confused. I have a pair and am ready to attempt this but I have yet to read one entry that tells me these held up outside or for how long they have held up....and if they did, which of the many ways did you use to do it? Plaid stiffener followed by Americana product? Sugar followed by spray on urethane? Starch followed by urethane? Glue followed by urethane? And what did you coat the inside with to make them waterproof? I really do not want to spend a mint on making them but I also do not want to do it and have them fall apart after the first rain or plant watering..... if someone could please tell me that you have one that held up through weather and watering and how you did yours, I would be so thankful.....

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I do not use any stiffener.

2 4X4's for legs.

Then make a rectangular box to fit in the area above the legs, nail this down to the legs.

If using shoes, nail them to the bottom of the 4X4's, then nail a "stand" perhaps a 10 inch X 18 inch piece of wood, or two 2X4's.

Whatever you use just make sure the "stand" is sturdy enough to prevend the whole thing from falling down in the wind. Or tie it to something secure like a fence.

Place plants and their containers in box. I like this plan because you can change out the plants and their containers easily.

The jeans will get wet when it rains. The jeans will dry out when the rain stops. This should last at least a couple of years, it will someday get dry rot, depending how much sun they get each day.

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Hi, I painted mine with polyurethane after stuffing the legs and waist with plastic grocery bags. I used a 8" pot to keep the waist open. I made sure the legs were spread apart somewhat & I let the pants dry overnight. Then I attached the shoes with hot glue. I took the grocery bags out and put rocks into the shoes and placed bricks in the legs. I put the pot back in and put silk plants in. If I were using live plants I'd take the pot out and water it or put a drip tray under the pot. It did fall over sometimes when it was really windy though so maybe using the wood frame would have worked better. I also didn't like freaked me out because I had it standing next to the door where there was a window and it always felt like someone was standing at the door!! LOL!!

Then I decided to make a planter with kids overalls and hang them. It was really cute and worked out much better!

Here are some pics of what I did

Here is a link that might be useful: Blue Jean Planters

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Here is a link I found that might be helpful to you and your troop.

Here is a link that might be useful: Blue Jean Planter Instructions

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