ISO flower arranging idea!!

dcdc(6AONT)March 24, 2004

I need to create some unique Spring arrangements using budding branches with branch ht. of about 24 inches and with spring flowers intermingled perhaps sunk in moss. An arrangment that could be placed on a dinner table that would be high but guests could certainly see through. Just wondering if anyone has any brainstorms on this and what type of pot or basket would be appropriate for the container?? Thanks in advance.

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hi have you tried a canoe shape container and used the twig type branches in a L or C shape ;USE SHORT STEMMED flowers at the base of the twigs.them maybe some green vine stuff trailing down the outside

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How about taking a plain terra cotta pot and using a flexable budded branch such as pussy willow or ruskus to make a handle like a basket.Take forsethia branches or corkscrew willow as the highth. Using hot pink roses,dusty pink cluster roses, japanese iris,yellow scotch broom and galax leaves and moss around the edges of the pot.

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