Using old wooden Coca Cola or Dr. Pepper boxes

carlyg(z8 East TX)March 21, 2005

I have 2 of these but one is just hanging on the wall of our porch. Any other ideas for decorative or planting uses?

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At one time I had a wooden coke box and hung it in the kitchen and put spices in it. The little small spice boxes fit perfectly. I wish I still had it, after a few moves not sure where it went to...'


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I can`t believe nobody else has chimed in with ideas for these. I have saw them used as a wagon, with wheels and pull handle and plants sitting in it.Hope you get somemore ideas. You are lucky to have them, they are hard to find.

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karen444(PA zone5 USA)

i have mine hanging and keep my craft paint in it.

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I have an old apple crate that I turned upside down, attached some 2x2 legs, covered with 2 coats of polyurethane and use as an end table on my porch. I have also stacked several old crates and used as a table or plant stand.


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I actually "bought" one that had legs attached and used it has a mini coffee table in this area on my patio:


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Pauline, that is so neat, it looks very nice with your Twig chair, and all the plants...brenda

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CraftingMomma(Z5 MA)

Here's a link to a site that was posted over on Garden Junk. I thought it was pretty cute. This one is painted in an Americana theme ... but you could paint it lots of different ways ... or leave the boxes with their soda ads too.

If you are talking about the taller soda boxes ... they have a couple ideas for those on that site too.


Here is a link that might be useful: Americana Soda Box Shelf

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The issue of Miracle Gro magazine at the grocery store had the coke boxes hanging with two different kind of succulents in the little dividers! It was so cool!! I was just online trying to find "ghost plant" with no luck so far. You wrap the roots in dirt and spaghum moss and tuck them in the holes. Water once a week or so and let sit flat then after a day of "setting" hang it back on the wall. I have two of the boxes in my garage and want to use them that way. I LOVE the table leg idea too.
Blessings! -Michelle

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Mandyvilla(7a No.VA)

Just saw in a RECENT container magazine where they took silver "hens and chicks" and a silver shade of sedum and used spaghnum moss and filled the box. The box was kept flat for a week to settle and then hung on a wall. Check out your local book store, I believe it was put out by Miracle Grow. (Maybe check out their website, too). Absolutely beautiful! Suz

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Thought this was a cute idea.....Tammy

Here is a link that might be useful: goddess of garbage soda box idea

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TwoMonths(So Calif)

being a born and raised E TX girl (Longview), I always take note when I see these boxes. I saw one used in a bathroom for towels and shampoo and such. I saw one used as a caddy for picnic silverware, napkins, glasses, condiments. Just load it up and take it out...easy to bring things back in also. June

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RoseMary23((7) N.W. Al.)

My daughter has a wooden coke box. She has it on her dining room wall which is across from the kitchen just as you come into the room.She has a spindel? Not sure that is what you call it a long pc of round wood,3-4 in. from the top or lower attached to the inside of the crate.She has pretty decorative kitchen towels hanging on it.At the bottem of the crate she places some of her small hobby collections on the bottem shelf.Very cute, Esp. since she has a table and chairs, old water stand etc. china cabinet that are very old also.

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Now a days,they have,heavy plastic crates (Coca Cola ). I have a few, and they are so handy for holding my winter sowing containers.

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If anyone would like to purchase any of these wooden crates, I have some I got from a local Coke plant that closed. I have Coke (both red and yellow), Dr. Pepper and some 7-Up. I am selling them for $10.00 plus shipping. I also am building some wagons that will sell for $30.00 and some Hat/Coat racks that will sell for $15.00. Every penny form every sale goes to help fund an international adoption. I will not make anything off of these. I am starting a non-profit organization called Karter's Dream to help other families adopt children from around the world. If you would be interested in any of these items, or would like more information on Karter's Dream, please e-mail me at When I have pictures of these products I will post them here!

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This is the article I wanted you to see.

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