Connecting clay pots for 'people'

cheyjohn_z5(6)April 27, 2005

I know about the Bag of Bones, but even if I could afford those, I tend to like to do this with what I have on hand. I made a pot person last year, and used rope with knots tied inside each pot, but doing the knots was a pain and it wasn't as sturdy as what I wanted. I do want to be able to move the limbs for posing, but thought I would see what everyone else used to make the pot people/crafts.


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kansasgail(z6 KS)

I made a clay pot earthworm with my grandchildren and used copper plumbing tubing. I just used pliers to pinch the tubing between the pots, after I got them into position. If the tubing isn't round, the pot can't move. It was quick, easy and it worked. :-)


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I made a pot person and he is still in good form after at least 3-4 years. He is poised sitting on an old (broken) kitchen chair. He sits in my herb garden and his name is Herbie. I didn't really know what I was doing when I made him, but it worked. I used wire to hold the pots together and kept if from sliding thru the pot holes by wrapping the wire around approximately one-inch pieces of dowel rod which I cut up.

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Hi Chey: I put mine together with all-thread rod,great big washers & nuts. I believe it was 1/2" size rod. I cut milk cartons to washer size to make a cushion between the clay pot & metal washer. The all-thread can be purchases at a hardware store. It comes in 3' lengths. You can cut the rod to any size you want. My pot man sits on an old slat yard bench with wrought iron sides. I used a length of rod to go through my guy & the bench & jam into the ground to support him.

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Thanks for the ideas! I have the end of a tubular bunkbed frame that I am thinking could be a "swingset" for a Pot Person..... now to get started on him. :)


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I will definitely check out the links. I love to find things to do with clay pots, not just people! Thanks everyone, so very much for all of your help!


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