Anyone doing hand-made paper?

madwomanweedin(z8 La.)April 13, 2004

I'd love a good recipe and some ideas for doing this craft with my precious granddaughter! We need suggestions from start to finish! All we know is that we want to incorperate dried flowers, herbs, etc.Yes, I've raised a fellow nature lover and I'm so proud! :))))


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It is so easy now since they have kits that have everything to start. I did it from scratch around four years ago. It is a lot of fun and something you and GD will enjoy. Michaels has a whole section of great things to get started.

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NewPenny(z8a-7b WA, USA)

On my old harddrive I had links to sites that had instructions for making paper. I don't have the hardrive hooked to my computer right now so can't share the links but if you do a google search for handmade or homemade paper you should be able to come up with a few free instructions.

Good luck, Penny

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CandyWA(z8 WA)

Hi Lynn.... I have a book called The Art of Paper Casting that I'd be glad to send to you. I no longer use it. Paper making is so simple. It's really nothing more than using your blender to mix paper and water into a pulp and then pouring it into a frame of some sort. It's easiest to buy a paper making kit that has a frame and couch papers, etc. But for the sake of visualizing it, picture a heart shaped cookie cutter sitting on top of a piece of silk held very tightly in an embroidery hoop so that there is no slack. Pour the mixture into the cookie cutter... the water runs through the silk leaving the pulp behind. Press it gently with a sponge to get all the water out that you can. Remove the cookie cutter... and there's your heart shaped paper. You can add flower petals to the pulp either in the blender... or nicely arranged on the paper itself. You can add a little white glue to the pulp for strength or a little cotton linters (which looks like a sheet of thick white paper). Add food coloring... glitter... threads, fibers, seeds... anything to make it more interesting. I'll send you a picture of the note cards my granddaughter and I made. They have flower seeds in them... she gave them to friends with the instructions to plant the cards. I don't use junk mail because the ink gives it a grey tint.. I use printer paper. Tear it into small pieces and toss it in the blender with a cup or two of water... let it sit for a little while to get soft (unless you have a gutsy blender like mine... in that case just toss it in and blend away!) Have fun :)

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madwomanweedin(z8 La.)

They have flower seeds in them... she gave them to friends with the instructions to plant the cards.

That sounds like exactly what we'd like to do! Thanks, Candy, Penny & Minnie!

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NewPenny(z8a-7b WA, USA)

I found this site with a google search tells how to make the frame paper ect. Hope it helps.

Take care, Penny

Here is a link that might be useful: Home made paper making instructions

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NewPenny(z8a-7b WA, USA)

Here's the search results for homemade paper with seeds. the first link is the one I already posted, I don't think it mentions adding seeds. Check out the secound link as html or download as a pdf file it tells about adding seeds to the paper and other goodies on page 10. Also has instructions for making the basic paper. Have fun!!

Here is a link that might be useful: google search for homemade paper with seeds

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diamondjennie(z6 WA)

Have fun with this! I have also used anything that has a pretty depression in it as a mold. There are cookie molds and cookie presses also that you just pat some of the pulp into and press the moisture out, then when dry, you can attach these to cards. Or I've used plates or trays with either depressions, or raised designs to pat the pulp over. I've used tissue paper for most of mine and gotten great results. The cotton linter is the best looking, but quite expensive! Have fun! Jennie

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I just finished my first batch and it was tons of fun. I had seen someone use old blue jeans shredded and soaked and used for paper making, it gave my paper added strength I also used scrap computor paper and junk mail, as I was lifting it out of the tub I floated dried rose petals over the surface. It turned out really nice. I do my own birthday and gift card packets with some semi,not so bad, watercolors. This new paper will be great! Maybe even my paintings will look better on it. I need to find some seeds that will work also. Maybe some marigold or some columbine seeds, they are small and easy to grow. Any other ideas for the seeds.

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Hello there,

We have a handmade paper website

There we also feature of our handmade paper process please review for more information. It does tell you a step by step process for making handmade paper. Like handmade silk paper, leather paper, pressed petal paper and more

Here is a link that might be useful: Under The Sun Handmade Paper

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mardee(z7 E Okla)

I've never made paper by recycling used paper. I have made paper the old fashioned way using plants, flowers and other organic materials. One time I used iris petals to make purple paper - didn't work. The paper was a pale green. It was pretty, but not what I was hoping for. I'll have to hunt for my instructions, if you would like to have a copy.

Good luck on your endeavor. Enjoy your time with your GD. They so quickly grow up.

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Madwoman, you are a gramma after my own heart!!To be honest, I think the basic paper making kit you can buy at Michael's is the way to go. And I've always said paper making is the very best way to recycle your junk mail. Just last month, I taught a "gourd guts" paper making class at a gourd show. Yes, you can use almost any organic material, but I would put a few drops of an antibacterial soap in the tub if that material is still green (as opposed to "dried" flowers, etc.) And if you don't have liquid starch to keep inks or paints from bleeding, the same amount of white glue will do. There are a gazillion things you can do with hand made paper. Check out Arnold Grummer's book or go to And have a blast! cora

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I made paper with my son years ago. We used some old screen that I tacked onto an old picture frame. For the paper, we used leftover scrap paper that was different colors (construction paper) and also used some lint from the dryer. I don't remember why I used screen, but it may have been in an old Family Fun magazine. It was fun to do (we did it outside at a work table)!


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Recently i tried to make batik paper, it was a real fun, i use this paper in decorating my dining area, it looks pretty, the best thing about batik paper is its bright and lively color.


Here is a link that might be useful: handmade paper supplier

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