Plant pot help?!!!

dshepardApril 24, 2010

I have a sweet pot. The outside is woven and braided with a wicka tiype material in coloers from gold to dark brown, and black. This woven and braided material totaly covers the clay pot. The problem is that the clay is cracked in many places. I have a really nice bonsai tree comming in the next few weeks and it will fit this pot perfectly. I have had this pot for some time now,and i havnt had a tree worthy of it.. What i would like to do is bond some kind of material to the inside of the pot to reinforce the clay, and keep water from seeping into the sides of the pot. Any suggestions would be apreciated. I was thinking fiber glass, but i dont know if it can hurt my tree. Thanks


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How big is it? You can buy pot liners. A cheap flower pot made with very thin black plastic can be put inside as well.

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