Blue Jean planter?

Posie(z3 MN)May 4, 2002

I'm thinking of taking an old pair of jeans and cutting the legs off so they look like shorts. Then sew the legs up and use them for a hanging planter. Maybe before I sew them up I can line them with plastic so they won't dry out too fast. I liked the idea of the Pampers that someone mentioned (funny but workable!)...I'll use an old belt and run it through the pant loops to hang it with. The only problem with hanging planters is that they do dry out fast and if you're gone for a few days, it's goodbye plants!

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This sounds like a really neat idea. Maybe you could just use it to hold the container that he plants are in.


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copperlox2002(Atl, GA)

Too Cute!!!! How bout a pair of cut-off overalls with gardening utensils in the pockets? a trailing plant would look good from the front or back and I would never have to search for my dang trowel (heh heh) now where did I put those ole overalls?

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On Rebecca's Garden Sunday they were doing container plantings and used some gel stuff in with the potting mix to help hold the moisture in. I bet there is something on her site about it. The show was on May 5 I think. This sounds like a fun idea, even for on the ground, once it is full of soil it would hold its shape I think. Thanks for a unique idea that would work well in our rustic farm landscape. Janie

Here is a link that might be useful: Rebecca's Garden

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Kay_H(NE MI-Z5)

That reminds me of my cloths-pin holder. I took an old pair of jeans, cut them off into shorts and sewed the legs shut. Hung them on a pants-type cloths hanger - one with strong clips - filled it with cloths pins and there it hangs on the line, waiting for me to bring cloths out to dry.

Why not use it as a planter? You can even hang it on the cloths line for a laugh.


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Posie...what a great idea!!! What about waterproofing the jeans with, well shoot, I can't remember the brand name but there is a great spray that waterproofs. Maybe that might help retain moisture. This sounds fun....thanks for the idea!!

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I think the spray you are thinking about is called "Camp Dry". Can find in the sporting goods section.

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I just made a planter from an pair of baby osh kosh bibs!! It turned out soooooooo cute. It's setting out in my garden on an child's bench with an old tricycle next to it. It's quite the conversation piece!! I do have a question though, does anyone have any info on how to make the "time-out" kids. I've seen a idea that uses craft brooms as the body and I can't remember where. If anyone else has seen this, please let me know.

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I'm looking for instructions for a planter made out of kids blue denium overalls. A friend saw some at Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO and said they were stiff and had kids tennis shoes glued to the bottom. She said they were selling for $100.00!! Hope someone out there can help!! I would be greatly appreciated!!!!!

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shaybass(z8 West Ctl AL)

I know this is an old post, but I'm new on this site. did you ever find any dirrections for the "time out kids? Would love to have a copy if you did. Thanks, Shay

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zerosdream(central ontario)

looking for site how to starch overalls to use as planters

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fbdbfh(Z9 Oak Hill ,FL)

I have made the stiffened planter before and all I used was liquid starch.I stuffed the jeans with plasic grocery bags( you'll need alot) and waited for it to dry . then I glued shoes to bottom of pant's with liquid nail filled legs with pebbles and put planter pot on top so it fit inside waist band. You can use lava rock too it makes it lighter if ya need to move it. Hope this helps
Have a great Day

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I make hanging overall planters that are really cute and I waterproof them. I don't plant directly in them, but put the pot in the planter with a plastic saucer under it filled with water so it has some extra water. Have a look...they are really easy and fun to make.

Here is a link that might be useful: thehappyhorticulturist

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luvmydaisies(Lonsdale, MN/ zone4)

I haven't tried it yet, but I have been saving my girls' bibs.

Here is a link that might be useful: Denim Overall container

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These ideas are too cute! Thanks everyone!

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Two years ago I made at least 30 of these to sell and as Christmas gifts. You can use liquid starch cut with water for the stiffening. To make it water proof I used a two part Resin purchased at HD. I did not use live plants in mine...used silk. sold htem for $65-$80 each. Bought the jeans, shoes, etc at Salvation Army and afew cute ideas is to stuff pockets with spanish moss with some little "creatures" (butterflies, frogs, etc.) crawling out...purchased at craft store. I personalized the one I made for gift giving by adding little thins like apples in pocket for teacher, nurse cap in pocket for nurse, etc.

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Posie(z3 MN)

Wow, can hardly believe this post is still running after 4 years. Lots of good ideas and fun info. Thanks everyone now go have some fun with it!

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Four years eh?? I just found out about it a week ago. ha! Just shows I'm behind the times. No really, I was working at a real job, now I'm not, so I have more time. What kind of success have some of you had with the material for waterproofing?? I have read that some of it has a tendency to turn yellow if you don't paint the jeans. Not real crazy about using a two part resin material. Thanks.

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Found these on another garden junk site Going to give it a try

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Are you still looking for the time out kids patterns, here's a link. hope link appears for you.

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Oops....... link didn't show up. I'm putting the link in my message board, here, instead of the Name of the Link, it doesn't work for me.

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