painted wire and nylon (pantyhose)flowers

darlene wilsonMay 14, 2001

can anyone help me find a link to show me how to make these beautiful flowers? they are like exotic flowers made and shaped looked like it had been airbrushed usually two colors.

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I have been seaching for a pattern for these pantyhose flowers also, they are dyed different colors Please help.

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Posie(z3 MN)

Years ago we made these. Save your old nylons, bleach them with Rit color remover, then dye them different colors. I believe we used a fairly fine copper wire (no rust) and shaped the wires into petal and leaf shapes. Put them together as you would silk flowers and wind the petals and centers together with a regular floral tape which you can also buy in different colors. You can make zillions of flowers from one nylon so only dye one sock red...another yellow, etc. Buy centers for your flowers from a flower making supply store. I think you can use just about any flower making books as a source for flower forms especially those devoted to making silk flowers. Do hope this helps.

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Posie(z3 MN)

Whoops...should have added...shape your wire into a petal shape and then cover with your dyed nylon pulling it very taunt so that it appears thin and fine. Fasten at base with fine wire, gather your petals together, add center and fasten with floral tape........Have fun!

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Centers can also be made with small dried flowers, or small cones or seed pods from various trees. Use wire for their stems as well. I bought some already colored knee highs, and covered a wire butterfly-shaped form this year. Fastened it to the wire form with needle and thread.

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I would like to see a picture of these! I did not know you can bleach nylon? I thought that would disinergrate the nylon?

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Yep..that's the way it is done..."I'm" a grandmother and I can remember "my" grandmother making these is a very old craft...what goes around comes can make butterflies in the same way....I got sooooooo sick of these things when I was a kid..can still remember that..ha

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Posie(z3 MN)

Thanks PurpleMartin....I'm Grandma too, only it was my mother-in-law who made these. We made big bouquets and corsages and butterflies.....You can bleach nylon but use the Rit color remover instead of a bleach. Polyester won't beach or dye. As others have said, buy your centers and of course you can always buys leaves. At Christmas we made Christmas corsages....Have fun...

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have to add that I have a book for making those flowers from pantyhose.

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I have been making these flowers for a long time. We call it stocking flowers in India where I live.I have made several flowers out of various fabrics and paper ribbons and crepe papers. Do visit my webpage.


Asha Jennifer Singh

Here is a link that might be useful: Floral Crafts

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Whoops - May I add to the flowers message, that a small amount of tacky glue was used after shaping and wiring and then it was cut out and added green tape to secure. This was the my first inspiration for my love of flowermaking in the 80's. Have fun. craftylady_MA.

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gmatx_gw zone 6

Golly, does this ever bring back memories - like late '50s! I was thinking about those flowers just the other day..... It seems Mother had some really beautiful soft colors that she dyed the hose with, but I don't remember what brand the dye was; I can especially remember a really soft, clear light blue.

Sort of makes me really feel my age when I think how long ago that was!

Enjoy making those flowers - from one who had been there and done that....

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I have been making these for about a month now,you can get different colors of those little leggs panty hose that come in those little plastic containers at walmart for 33 cents a piece.allready colored.

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Couldn't help butting in here. I remember those flowers from the fifties. People who made them used the wire from ravelled copper wire window screens. These gave the petals more interest. Are those copperwire screens still made? Anyone know?

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Just found these directions:

Material Requirements: Used nylon stockings: one box color remover: dye for flowers and leaves: 10X10 inch square of copper screen wire: a few packages of flower stamens.
Removing dye and redyeing: follow directions on packages.
Cutting stockings and wire: After stockings have dried cut into 7 inch squares for large flower petals, or 4 inch squares for smaller petals. Cut strips of nylon one inch wide for covering stems. Remove and group the crosswise and lenthwise wires of the copper screen. Use crinkled wire for making petals. Straight wires may be used for wrapping and joining petals.
Wind strips of nylon tightly around the wires for stems. Join and secure ends so that joinings do not show.
Making Centers: Roll scraps of nylon into a ball and cover with a 2 and one half inch square of nylon. Pull tightly over ball of nylon, gather and secure ends. Trim off excess nylon. Thread a needle with six strands of embroidery thread and criss cross over center. Attach stamen to back of center and sew securely together.
Making petals: You will need 6 petals for larger flower and 18 petals for smaller flowers. Using crinkled wire, shape loops for desired shape of petal. Pull square of nylon tightly over loop. Twist the plain wire around the base of the petal to hold the nylon in place. Trim off excess nylon below.
Assembling small petals: sew 12 small petals onto a nylon covered ring spacing them evenly. Sew remaining 6 petals together and join center of flowers to this and attach.
Large petals: Sew petals together same as for smaller ones and attach center to it.
Have not tried this myself but have seen the completed flowers. Best wishes.

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Found some pictures I think, if this is what your talking about :)

Heidi S~

Here is a link that might be useful: Flowers

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Amelia142(7a GA)

I saw some flowers made from pantyhose at a walmart. A real nice lady that works there made. Look forward to learning to make these myself.

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I would show you some I have been working on But I can't get a pic to work on the crafts side of this forum.they are easy.

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Asha thank you for your link the flowers are beautiful ! Tika

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Here is a link that has more instructions and also has some great photos of the flowers.

Here is a link that might be useful: HGTV forum re: pantyhose flowers

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Hello everyone ~ I have been looking all over on how make these nylon flowers AND Butterflies and finally found all of you! There is nothing out there to help on how to make these. I really want to figure out the Butterflies, but can't seem to imagine how to put all the pieces together? How do you make the body of the butterfly? How do you secure the wings to the body? I am making this for my baby nursery. Can anyone help me? I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you.

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ttt - I would like instructions, too!

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TwoMonths(So Calif)

I saw the butterflies made on one of the DIY/HGTV programs. You might watch. The lady used them for fairy wings. She took wire hangers. straighten out the hook. hold it and pull the middle of the bottom out to get a shape you like. Make 4. Put a kneehi on it stretching it over the 'hook'. Use florest tape to secure hose. bend 2 hooks up and 2 down. place them together and wire with floral and then tape. She painted them, glittered them, even burned a hole in one spot (they self healed) She then wrapped material around the middle part and hung some ribbon on it. I can not remember how she did the antenna...maybe more wire and floral tape

the flowers are a different story. unless you want big ones and not small ones. they did poinsettas on DIY Holiday yard contests. Do them the same way as the butterflys with the wire hangers. Make as many petals and leaves as you need. Bend the hook down and hook them all together on a metal pole or more wire. Attach the leaves below or down further.

Can not have exact directions. Most of it is a choice of size and shape and color.

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I found this website provides detailed instruction on how to make nylon flowers and other projects.

Here is a link that might be useful: crafts & beyond

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Please help! i am looking for info on making the nylon butterflies for our baby girl's nursery *due in April*

I have found the general explanation and seen many examples of the butterflies for sale on EBay... but i really want to make them and if anyone knows any good Info that will save me MUCH trial and Error, PLEASE help!

i understand the general idea, but i want to know; if there is certain wire that works better, how to make it symmetrical, different body styles, methods of fastening nylons to frame, how to get interesting color patterns, ETC.

Thank you SO much!!!

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If you go to this website,, you will find the stocking flowers, videos for making them and the materials. I have all the videos and will email you the download links so that you can have the information. Do not post any of the videos to the web. The webmaster is a friend of mine in Beijing.

I also have all the videos to the paper flower series from that website.

Oh, the nylon that they use at this site is different from the stockings that we wear. The stockings that we wear will ruin if we cut them. These must be made differently. Don't know how this stocking flower ever got started, but, they sure are elegant!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: stocking flower link

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i would lke to do these flowers..but can anyone please tell me where i can find these stockings...somebody said its there in walmart...where i have look for it...please help...i'm searching for long time

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i know a website that offers materials (nylons) and instructional book and videos on nylon/stocking flower making.

Here is a link that might be useful: New Sheer

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Hi everybody, I have been making nylon flower long time. I just stare on website .I show you how to make nylon flower and you also find good material....

Here is a link that might be useful: nylon flower and jewelry

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