My first & second Bird bath/table

joycevallee(z8 canada west)May 9, 2004

I saw this cheap-o plastic bird bath at the store a few weeks ago and thought that it would make the perfect mould for a bird bath. As you can see it worked fantastic.

I had a few old dishes from the "Blue Willow"? series so I decided to use them and make a mosaic. The one with the round plate has been sanded and cleaned up. The oval plate still needs a bit of clean-up.

I used portand cement one part to three parts sand. I reinforced the stand with metal and chicken wire. It was my first attempt at making anything in concrete so I hope it works out. It is still slowing curing in this damp weather.

This is the plastic bird bath that I used for the mould. I used my rotary tool and just cut along the seems to take apart at the end.

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That is so pretty!

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karmah(PA - Zone 7)

Such a wonderful job!

K. Anne

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They're great, I don't really understand how you did it though. I'd love to know.

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annsb(zone 6)

It is really wonderful! I would love more detailed instructions also....and is the mold reusable? Love your use of the willow plates! Thanks for sharing!

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Posie(z3 MN)

Beautiful, fantastic, fun, fancy, VERY NICE!

Thanks for showing us!

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shaybass(z8 West Ctl AL)

I'm new in this website. Your birdbath is really great. I have one of those plastic birdbaths. Could you give me more detailed instructions on how you did this? Is there a site anywhere that tells how?
Would appreciate the help. Would love to make a beautiful birdbath like yours. Thanks, Sharon

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babanna(z5 NY)

that's really nice! it gives me ideas... thanks for sharing!

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joycevallee(z8 canada west)

Thank you for your generous words. I am sorry to take so long in getting back to the forum.

Although this may look somewhat complicated, it is anything but. I simply bought the plastic bird bath approx $7.00.

It is screwed together in two pieces. Simply remove the screws and you will have the top bowl and the bottom pedestal.

I noticed that there is a hole in the bottom of the pedestal and there is a plug for it. I guess you could remove this if you wanted to put a pipe through and make it into a fountain. Anyway I just left the plug in so the cement would not leak out the bottom.

I had some scrap iron, (a piece of re-bar) which I wrapped with some chicken wire. This was just for extra strength. I don't really think it needed it but I am no expert so I did it anyway.

I then mixed the cement: I used 1 part portland cement to three parts sand since I wanted a nice smooth finish.

I started to fill the pedestal about 1/4 of the way, then tapped it to make sure all the little air pockets were filled.

I then proceeded to put the metal bar wrapped in chicken wire into the pedestal and added and another 1/4 of cement, tapping it down as before. I added another two 1/4 until it was full.

The top was a lot easier. I simply filled the bowl with the cement mixture about 1/2" and placed some chicken wite on top of that. I then put in another 1/2' or so and tapped it down. I pushed the plate into the center of the bowl. While the cement was still wet I pushed the other pieces into place.

I let both pieces dry for about 5 days, but it didn't need that long.

To open the pedestal I just used a rotary tool and cut along the seams.It worked very well.

The top I just turned over and flipped out.

The top has a nice smooth flat bottom. The plastic mold had a piece of plastic that acted as a ring that sat over-top of the pedestal. I made a similar concrete rim using two round flat bottom dishes of different sizes. (Envision something that looks like a deep dish pie pan). I poured the cement into the larger one about half full. I then set the smaller one inside that and weighted it down with a heavy stone. I let this cure for a few days and then cemented it to the centre of the bottom of the top. (Does that make sense??)

Anyway your bird-bath ends up in two pieces which makes it nice for moving around.

For finishing I used a rotary tool with a sanding attachment to smooth edges that may be rough from the pieces of broken glass. Please be sure to do this as I found that as soon as someone looks at it they want to run their fingers across the pieces of glass (Go figure).

Anyway, I hope these directions are fairly clear, if they aren't give me a shout on the email. Remember this is just one of my first projects so if anyone sees something that I've done wrong please let me know. I am a big girl. I can take it. :-(

The moulds are definitely re-usable. You will be left with two halfs of the pedestal but that is not really a problem. Just pour the two halfs and cement together.

I have made a few by now and I actually did it both ways. I bought another mould since it was so cheap and I also did it using the two halfs. Both worked well.
Sand the pedestal and or bowl as soon as you get them out of the mould. It is really easy then. I used a sanding spounge. Worked excellent.

Please look under "garden accoutrements" to see a final picture of it painted and set up in our garden.
"My three first's in their final setting" I painted mine white to bring out the white in the plate.

Thank you for your time.

Good Luck!!!

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