Here is a denim planter with instructions...

Midnight_SunMay 14, 2005

I see people requesting them again on another thread so maybe this will help some of you!

Here is a link that might be useful: Denim Planter

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If you can not afford all the boughten stuff to stiffen your jeans this is my recipe to make blue jean planters.
4cups of water
4 cups of sugar
Cook till water is clean let cool
put into a pail and dunk your 24 months bib coverall into the pail.
Then you take plastic bags and stuff with newpaper and put into the coveralls mold the shape you want. Then you let sit untill stiff 24 hrs.
Spray with protective coating untill water proofed. usally 6 coats will do.
You can spray them with a black paint and then a gold spray paint and then rub of some to of the gold to give it anitue look.

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That's also a great way but you have to make sure to seal it inside and out because of the sugar, it attracts bugs! Thanks for adding the homemade recipe...some people also use starch with water instead of sugar!

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Wow, I didn't realize this would work! Is it really cheaper than buying the stuff to stiffen the jeans? Would you have to spray even more protective sealer than with the stiffener spray? I do plan on keeping mine outdoors and want to make sure they are sealed. How long has anyone kept theirs outdoors and how did it hold up?


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Even though a blog hasn't been posted about the blue jean planter in here for a while, it just became a semi hit here in the mountains of Pennsylvania. I have a small gift shop, and have been messing around with these for the past week, and now I have several people interested in them. I am wondering if the post about the concrete, does this make these to heavy to move around, and can you use and adhesive to make them stiff, I tried regular starch and that didn't work even after several coats. I would love input and can't wait to hear back from someone....

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Will elmers glue work.

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