waterproofing clay pots to fill with water for bamboo

bmarionMay 31, 2009

I am making bridal shower favors and would like to fill small clay pots with stones and insert lucky bamboo. The bamboo needs to sit in water, so I need suggestions on how to make the pot completely waterproof as well as a suggestion to plug up the drain hole. I have tried hot glue to plug the hole but I am concerned about it bonding. Do you think I would need to treat both the inside and the outside of the pot? I like the way the pot looks naturally, so I really didn't want to add color. Thanks for your suggestions!

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fivemurfs(6.5 TN)

Pam, the way to insure that no water will escape through the hole or 'sweat' into the pot, is to use a plastic liner. If you can't find anything that fits the pot you might look for something tubular shaped (empty tylenol containers, prescription bottles?). You could put the water and the bamboo in the container and then put the rocks in, around and on top of it. Good luck.

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Pam, You can use low temperature glue to fill the hole and then make a slurry of silacone caulk and mineral spirits. The slurry should be just thin enough to apply with a paint brush. Paint the inside of the pots and the silacone will fill in any cracks. For outdoor pots, use RTV glue to fill in the hole or glue a cork in place. It will adhere even when faced with expansion and contraction due to heating and cooling.

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