lavoix48(9)June 1, 2006

How can i keep hydrangea flowers in water without them wilting...

Hope someone can help me..


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You can spray the blooms with a water bottle, that should help!:)

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Thank you for your input

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Speaking of hydrangeas: Is it true that some hydrageas appear
more blue than others because of the soil content? If so,
what kind of soil brings out the deep blue color that I am
seeing in my area of central NC?
Good luck with yours lavoix! I saw a rather faded & wilted hydragea at a local garden store that just "begged" me to take it home, but I resisted the urge to buy it because I had one
several years ago and it didn't do well for me.

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I have heard that many people will plant a blue hydrangea near their blueberries to see how light or dark the blue hydrangea flower gets. It shows if aluminum sulphate should be added to the soil to make it more acidic. I guess aluminum sulphate lowers the PH levels and makes the soil more acidic. I have never tried this, but maybe you can check it out.


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quirkpod(7 Lewisville NC)

Depends on the variety. Pee Hydrangeas aka Hydrangea Paniculata (the old Victorian favorite) do not wilt when cut in late August and early September in their later stages of color, just turning from pink to maroon. I have cut them at that time and put them into any empty dry vase, and they lasted for a couple years. I have also cut them too early in the white and green stage and they wilt, even in water. I have made wreaths of them cut in their late stage, and they are knockouts! Just gorgeous.

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