Stepping Stone Questions

CapeHeart(z6ccMA)June 9, 2005


We have always wanted to make stepping stones and last week we finally did for our beloved dog's memory garden. I pick up a kit and extra plastic forms (easy way but expensive to me!). I know I have seen somewhere on the forum where

1. Someone made their own forms

2. Can you use the quick cement at the dept stores (at the craft stores the cement is very expensive and only allows you to make either one or two stones.

Someone made their own mixture including adding color to the cement

3. Best protective sealer you use (I got a mosaic sealer since it was with the kit) plus we used old tiles, stones, shells, etc.

Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated!

Chantel :-)

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dian57(M-H Valley NY-5)

Try the Hypertufa or Stained Glass and Mosaic forums. Tons of creative people and great ideas in each.

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Mandyvilla(7a No.VA)

I took a short cut. I purchased already made round cement stones and used tile adhesive and grout between the tiles. After they were dry, I used a grout sealer. These stones are 3 years old this summer. Suz

and this one

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I have made stepping stones using the big bag of cement mix that you would buy in a home store...I think it costs about 4.00 and i made at least 5 stones from each bag
I bought colors to add to the cement from a craft store and bought different molds at about 4 dollars each.
I also got alphabet letters that you can stamp any words into the stone. (only problem was that I developed a sore arm from stirring the cement that summer!!! haha )

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What kind of cement? I would like to color it so what kind of coloring do you get from craft store? Sorry newbie to this type of masonry. I have built a fire pit out of brick and mortar a couple years ago...and that was quite a daughter helped..It hasnt had a fire this year but...we will probably use it in the fall.

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