Help w/idea-roses in bowl on wedding cake

phylrae(z5a/centralNYS)June 9, 2007

I don't know where to find out (or see pics of) an idea my neighbor has...I've been looking online for ideas to no avail.

Her daughter's wedding is in 3 weeks. She would like to float rose blooms from our garden in somewhat shallow, clear bowls which will be sitting on top of three cakes. My friend was wondering about inserting the flowers into floral foam, but I would think you wouldn't want to see floral foam inside the clear glass bowls. The flowers would have to be transported from their home on Friday to a different town a few hours drive away, and the wedding isn't til Saturday morning.

Anybody have ideas? The only thing I could think of was to pick her a big bouquet of many roses and have her take the best looking blooms the next day and have her recut them at the neck of the bloom and float in fresh water right before the reception.

Thanks! :0) Phyl (usually on the Rose orum!)

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sylky00(z6 KY)

It sounds lovely-I think the roses will be fine, especially since they can remain in water 'til they're used. The main thing will be to keep the roses cool and hydrated while they're being transported and stored. I would use a floral preservative in the water. (The cheap grocery store bouquets usually come with a packet if you don't have any). If the roses could be placed in a refrigerator (with NO fruit stored in it) until they're needed that would help, but it's not necessary. I'm not sure at what stage (fully open, in bud) she wants the roses, but I would cut some that hadn't reached that stage yet, to allow for some further development after they're cut. I agree with you about the floral foam-it would look very unattractive unless it was covered, and it wouldn't be necessary anyway.
I did the mostly- rose bridal bouquets for my son's wedding-the roses were out of water from about 10 am Sat. until the wedding at 3 pm and they were fine. The wedding was in Alabama, so I was concerned about the heat when the bouquets were being transported to the reception site. It did cause the blooms to open further, but none of them wilted or browned, a big concern since they were white and pale yellow.
I hope the wedding goes well, and you should be proud that your roses will be part of the celebration!

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keep the moist, cool and hydrated while you transport them.
you can also just stick the roses straight into the cake
if the are 'chemical free'
but your idea of taking a bunch, selecting the best ones and floating them in H2O is correct.

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